Northfield Labs closes Evanston HQ

Northfield Laboratories Inc., which is developing a red-blood-cell substitute called PolyHeme, has announced it is closing its Evanston headquarters.

The offices are located at 1560 Sherman Ave. in the Rotary International building.

The company, which is awaiting an approval decision by the Food and Drug Administration on PolyHeme, says it will move headquarters staff to the manufacturing facility it owns in Mount Prospect.

To conserve cash the company has also eliminated 13 positions at the manufacturing plant and reduced hours for its remaning staff.

The company says it hopes for an FDA decision on PolyHeme by April 30. If it does not receive a positive decision by then, Northfield says, it may have to impose more layoffs, and it’s notified city and state officials of the possible plant closing.

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