NU panel: Remove founder’s name from alumni center


A Northwestern University task force is calling for wiping the name of school founder John Evans from its alumni center.

It's part of a proposed response by the school to research indicating that, as governor of the Colorado territory in 1864, Evans failed to intervene to prevent a massacre of Indians on the Sand Creek reservation and failed to express regret after the massacre occurred.

The Native American Outreach and Inclusion Task Force also calls for the school to consider establishing an Indigenous Research Center, hiring Native American scholars to staff it and creating a certificate or minor in Indigenous studies.

And it recommends naming a professorship after Carlos Montezuma, the Native American physician and author who graduated from Northwestern's Medical College in 1889, holding an annual conference on ethics and research in his name and commissioning a portrait of Montezuma to be hung in a prominent location on campus.

In addition to taking the Evans name off the alumni center, the panel recommends removing it from named professorships at the school and from a room at the Norris University Center.

The task force also recommends a variety of outreach efforts to Native American groups and that the school encourage the enrollment of more Native American students at Northwestern.

The task force report has been sent to NU President Morton Schapiro and Provost Daniel Linzer for review.

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