A male Northwestern University student was robbed at gunpoint late Saturday night as he walked on Hinman Avenue near Kedzie Street in Evanston

The victim told police the incident happend about 11:53 p.m. when two men ran out from a gangway, knocked a pizza box from his hands and demanded his cell phone and money.

The victim said he was considering resisting until one of the men pulled out a black revolver and pointed it at him. The victim turned over his cell phone and wallet to the suspects, who then ran away.

Evanston police searched the area, but didn’t find the suspects. A detailed description of the offenders was not available.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Evanston Police Department at 847-866-5000.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Concealed carry can’t come quick enough

    Is anyone else getting tired of the increase in ARMED robberies in Evanston over the past months? Well I certainly have……and thankfully we now have a concealed carry statute in Illinois. Starting in mid-September it will be possible to find CCW Instructors and Courses so people can sign up to prepare for the submission of permit applications after the first of the year. Looking forward to reversing the surprise for the hoodrat thugs.

    1. I’ve been tired

      I've been tired of the losers.  Also, if these losers know (which who knows if they will be smart enough to know) that the CCW is/has passed maybe, just maybe they'll think twice about robbing people.  May be a little more reluctant..?  Let's hope the losers get it!

  2. Then what? Explain to me how

    Then what?

    Explain to me how an armed person could have better dealt with this situation? Would there have been enough time to draw ones concealed weapon after the robber displayed his gun? Rather than thwarting this robbery, isnt a more likely outcome your being disarmed or worse, shot as you draw?

  3. If you read the story …

    If you read the story it states that the robbers did not initially have their gun out, if this situation was CCW than the victim could have drawn as soon as the robbers demanded his money and held them until police arrive.  Two more thugs and an illegal firearm would have been off the streets.

  4. Re: Concealed carry can’t come quick enough

    Just because you have a gun when you get robbed that doesn't instantly turn you into super cop and make you invincible.

    I'm not completely against concealed carry I just think there's alot of people that don't realize if you are a victim of an armed robbery you never know what may happen you might end up in a shoot out with the person trying to rob you thus putting others in danger or you may just freeze up all together and not do anything.

    So to the anonymous poster who said ccw cant come soon enough please realize just because you're armed that doesn't guarantee you will "reverse the surprise for hoodrat thugs"

  5. Fighting Robbery in Evanston

    These kind of robberies are very unfortunate in Evanston. I have experienced it firsthand but I will not give up on my right to walk the streets, where I want and when I want. As someone with experience I feel it's my duty to spread the message that the best way we can fight this in our community is not to be afraid! Let's stand up to this kind of bad vibe. Encouraging wishes, Yuuto.

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