While it hasn’t drawn as much attention as plans for a brew pub down the block, a new loft building is under construction in the 1600 block of Oak Avenue in downtown Evanston.

The SKYlofts development at 1629 Oak Ave. is a project of Adaz/Spatz Properties.

When completed the building will feature four 1,600 square foot live-work lofts for rent, with parking on the ground level.

Long-time residents may recognize the old house torn down to make way for the new building as the one-time studio of the late Evanston artist Rosemary Zwick.

The new building will feature architects Berry/Spatz Associates signature use of metal and glass and unconventional angles.

Model and old house photo from Adas/Spatz website.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Save the historic Zwick house!

    Where are our local Concerned Citizens, NIMBYs, and other do-gooders?

    Have they been so busy fighting the Carroll Place project and the Pritzker B&B and Pritzker lakefront hotel and the Chase bank on Crawford that they have let this one slip past them?

    Surely we can organize, make some lawn signs, and get Council to save the Historic Zwick House and prevent this postmodern monstrosity from ruining the Victorian/Georgian charm of our quaint and historic downtown!

    1. I’m with you on this one nimby rippers

      Here we have a new buiilding that follows all existing zoning and codes.  It isn't being paid for by property taxes. The land isn't owned by the taxpayers.   To those of you commenters  who don't like the building, don't buy one.  Don't drive by it if it offends you. 

      I think it's definitely weird looking.  But geez, it would be so "Winnetka" to have conventionally shaped buildings made out of bricks, wouldn't it? And don't Evanstonians just love not being so the same? 


    2. The house is gone my friend

      Your comment is poorly timed, while somewhat entertaining. The house itself has been demolished and construction has begun.

      Yeah, the structure isn't my taste either but it is a curiosity, as is the museum a block away. Interesting developments in that area of the city.

    1. I like their work

      I like their work. They did some  work on Davis St, on the second floor of a very  dull, non descript building and it is a lot more interesting as a result. It's hard to judge how the finishings will look from the model rendering posted above.

      For the building in Davis St, check these pictures (all links point to images in the Adas/Spatz blog site):

      1. The building prior to work

      2. The rendering

      3. The final product

    2. Obviously you haven’t seen

      Obviously you haven't seen the two houses the city approved on Main Street just East of Asbury

      1. Build

        In my opinion the houses on Main street are both ugly. The neighbors have the same opinion. Despite the looks of what they are building, they have the right to build it. The Evanston LOOK of 40 years ago is long gone mostly due to the change in political idology.

        1. Maybe just to change

          Maybe just to change with the time? I don't understand why people are stuck wanting to build fake Victorian houses in 2013. Taste does not have anything with political ideology.

  2. Re: That “brew pub down the block”

    Nothing seems to be happening in the development of that "brew pub down the block," other than the removal of the for sale sign. Could any of you fine folks at Evanston Now verify that the place will indeed open before the end of the year?


    1. Brew Pub is proceeding

      The new brewpub is called Smylie Brothers and you can find them on Facebook.  They just posted last week that their brew equipment has arrived and is installed.

      My guess is we could see it open by October

  3. These ugly buildings are all over Evanston

    There are quite a few buildings in this style in our town now.  I'm all for a bit of variety, but I think too much of this is starting to have a negative impact on the overall look of Evanston.  Can anything be done?

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