Alan Krueger — chair of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers and one of the nation’s leading labor economists — will deliver the 2012 Institute for Policy Research’s Distinguished Policy Lecture Monday, Oct. 8, at Northwestern University.

“A Conversation with Alan Krueger” will take place from 4 to 5:15 p.m. in the McCormick Auditorium of Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Drive, on the University’s Evanston campus. A reception will follow.

Although free and open to the public, online registration is required.

An expert on unemployment, job markets, income inequality, and the economics of education, Krueger provides President Obama with objective economic analysis and advice on the development and implementation of domestic and international economic policy.

“Krueger has made path-breaking contributions on many public policy research fronts,” said Institute for Policy Research Director David Figlio. “He is one of the most distinguished scholars of his generation.”

Krueger previously served under Obama as assistant secretary for economic policy and chief economist of the Department of the Treasury. He was chief economist at the Department of Labor during the Clinton administration.

The founding director of the Princeton University Survey Research Center, Krueger has written numerous journal articles and authored or edited seven books, including “Inequality in America: What Role for Human Capital Policies?” (MIT Press, 2004), co-written with Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman. Krueger currently is on leave from Princeton.

Krueger has received many honors, including the Kershaw Award from the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management and the IZA Prize in Labor Economics. An elected fellow of the Econometric Society, Society of Labor Economists, American Academy of Arts and Sciences and American Academy of Political and Social Science, he was a regular contributor to The New York Times’ “Economic Scene” column from 2000 to 2006.

The Institute for Policy Research is a nonpartisan, interdisciplinary research institute. Its mission is to stimulate and support excellent social science research on significant public policy issues and disseminate the findings to students, scholars, policymakers and the public. Its Distinguished Public Policy Lecture Series features speakers who straddle the worlds of policymaking and academia.

Editor’s note 10/5/12: The location of this event, originally scheduled for the McCormick Tribune Center Forum, 1870 Campus Drive, now has been change to the McCormick Auditorium of Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Drive.

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  1. big deal

    Considering how the Obama adminstration has taken a bad economy and made it much worse, this it no big deal and could reflect poorly on NU students future on the economy. I hope they invite someone to give them a better perspective.

  2. Drool

    I am sure every Evanstonian will be just drooling to hear this guy speak. 

    He is one of you, only he had the big O's ear, and unfortunately on our country's economy.  Clearly, he has failed, and so has Obama. 

    But alas, this guy is a hero, a god like Obama when you speak in a community that is so left as Evanston.


  3. Bad economy?

    President Obama, despite huge congressional opposition, has managed to close down two unnecessary wars, stabilize the economy, reduce the rate of increase in medical costs, and enhance the reputation of the U.S. overseas by leading the country with intelligence and dignity. 

    All that, while routing terrorist around the world.

    That is an impressive resume for a man under constant assault by the Republican party.

    1. LOL

      Maybe you don't know that Obama financed the Libyan rebels, aka Al Queda. That he is placing troops/warships in Iran in preparation for war there.

       Or that half the middle east is burning in protest of america…

        Have you left the country recently or talked to any foreigners about america's reputation?

        I like your sentiment though.  Wishful thinking.

  4. Oh Boy.

    If this guy is so smart, how can the Obama adminisration be doing so poorly. Obama has been doing a pretty good job of bringing the USA down the road to ruin. Can we really let him destroy it all together with another 4 years.

    Don't get me wrong. I know Obama loves poor people because he has created so many of them.

    1. Response to “Oh Boy”

      Obama's administration has been cut off in any direction that might improve the economy by the lockstep GOP blockade This has been the GOP mission since the (now famous) October 2010 comment by Mitch McConnell: “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”.  Not jobs; not improving the economy.  No, the GOP's most important mission is not to let Obama get re-elected.  Period.  They have thrown us all under to bus to keep the economy and jobs down.  Now, their game is to  blame Obama, as if they bear no responsibility.  But, luckily, it seems that the majority of (smart) people see through this game.  So, Mr. "OneSmartGuy", it turns out your not so smart afterall. 

      1. Economy

        Obama had a Democratic Congress, House and Senate for two years. He passed a healthcare bill which Pelosi admonished us to pass and then find out what is in it. That was before the House turned.

        NB the administration has not presented a budget for the last three years — you cannot blame the Republicans for that.

        What about that great bipartisan meeting at the beginning, when Obama set the tone by saying "We Won."

        1. The American Jobs Act

          The GOP has voted against "The American Jobs Act" proposed by the Obama Administration over a year ago. Why would they vote against this plan at a time of such high unemployment?  There is only one possible answer:  So they (John Boehner, Eric Kantor and now Mitt Romney) can say that 'the Obama Administration hasn't done anything about jobs'.  Do they really believe that the American people don't see that the GOP is blocking all attempts to improve the economy by blocking this bill?  It is not understandable how anyone can vote for a party that is more willing to thow the American people under the bus than lose an election.  The fact that the GOP voted down "The American Jobs Act"  in October of 2011, in this time of high unemployment is simply disgraceful.

      2. Anonymous Smart Guy

        Neither are you if you use "your" for you're," "under to bus" for "under the bus," and "afterall" for "after all"!!!

        1. Thanks Curmudgeon

          Thanks Curmudgeon for pointing out the spelling errors….I guess I just got so riled up, I forgot to proofread! 🙂 But sadly for the state of the economy, the point remains the same.

  5. Politics and the economy

    The economy, is not so much about the election, as the rest of the world taking its piece of the pie.

    Consumer spending has been driving this ecomony for a long time, it is not any more. 

    I doubt Obama or Mitt can bring us back to "Happy Days" or the 1950's or !960's.

    The ETHS grad is not competing with other high grads in Illinois, but the rest of the world.  The reality is many of the less talented ETHS grads may never find meaning work,other than some City of Evanston job program.

    Ofcourse poor management by public officials. has an effect on the economy.  Quinn raising the income tax, hurt spending, and if the tax rates change come Jan. 1st look out, the economy will continue its downward spiral.

    But the big picture shows very weak job growth, although if you have the right skill set, you will be employed, and making a good living. While those with weak skills will remain unemployed. Obama or Mitt can not correct this.

    Take a good look at food prices, if you don't understand, we are exporting plenty of food to other counties, as part of the world market. Look at the cost of food, Its hard to buy much for less than $1, with many items now several dollars. Those making minimum wage, clearly are having a hard time.

    Ofcourse at a local level, last years 8% tax increase, was interesting, and our Mayor, always pretending she wants to help the she picks their pockets more.



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