A supporter of Alderman Judy Fiske has filed a formal objection to the petitions filed by challenger Edward Tivador to get on the ballot in the race for 1st Ward alderman.

City Clerk Rodney Greene says the challenged was filed by Barbara Janes, of 802 Colfax St.,

Janes is married to Fiske’s campaign treasurer, Robert Janes.

Greene didn’t specify the substance of the objection, but said that it would be heard by the city election board at a meeting to be held Thursday or Friday of next week.

The members of the board, in addition to Greene, are Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl and the longest-serving alderman, Ann Rainey.

In other election news, Greene announced at Thursday night’s lottery to determine ballot positions that James C. Dyer, of 1620 Pitner Ave., has withdrawn as a candidate for 2nd Ward alderman, leaving incumbent Peter Braithwaite unopposed in his race for a first full term, after being appointed to the position by Mayior Tisdahl, after former alderman Lionel Jean-Baptiste resigned to become a circuit court judge.

With Rainey’s challenger, Thomas K. Just, of 327 Sherman Ave., having already withdrawn from the race, and Fiske having filed before Tivador to earn the first slot on the ballot, that left just one tie in filing times to break.

Challenger Mark Sloane drew the winning blue ball from a bag Greene held to take the first ballot slot. Incumbent Alderman Mark Tendam, 6th Ward, who didn’t attend the drawing, will appear in the second position on the ballot.

If Fiske should be successful in ousting Tivador from the ballot, that would leave the 6th Ward race as the only contested contest on the city ballot.

Two candidates are also running for township supervisor. In that contest, Gary Gaspard earned the first ballot slot by filing first. He will be opposed by Keith Banks.

Top: Mark Sloane pulls his winning token from the bag held by City Clerk Rodney Greene.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Why bother?

    Let's just call off the charade and save the expense of holding these so-called Free Elections in the People's Republik and return to a Feudal State in which Jan anoints her chosen few because, after all SHE knows what's best for us all…  or at least the ones pulling HER strings know what's best.

    Charon The Ferryman (sorry, login didn't work this morning)

    1. But Fiske is Independent

      Of course, Jan supported Alderman Fiske's opponent, but we shouldn't let facts get in the way of a good consipracy.

  2. Democratic process

    I find it unfortunate that there were not more challenges to incumbents on city council. It would have served Evanston residents well to have engaged in a democratic process wherein all candidates could engage in healthy debate about what it really means to represent their constituents on council.

    And it is especially disappointing that in the 2nd Ward the voters will end up with their alderman by default — as he was never elected in a democratic process — but rather was appointed and now annointed.

  3. Why bother to vote?

    I live in the 2nd Ward and am frustrated we will not have the opportunity to vote for our leader to represent us.

    What has our alderman done since he was appointed? No new business at Dempster and Dodge, he pulled out of talk with Felony Frank's after a few people voiced concerns about the business.  He never talked to residents to gauge interest, just those few vocal at the ward meeting.  Ward meetings are a joke.

    We really need leadership in our ward and our city, some businesses we run right out of town and others we give top dollar hand-outs to. Ugg, lived in Evanson all my life but so frustrated at how this city is run.

    1. Why didn’t you run, then?

      Give me a break.  If you really are frustrated, why don't you run or convince a neighbor to run.

      I live in the 2nd ward too and I have found Braithwaite to be WAAAY more responsive than the previous occupant.  When you call him or email him about something he gets back to me right away.

      You say "he never talked to residents to gauge interest, just those few vocal at the ward meeting."  

      Isn't having a ward meeting "talking to the residents"?   Is he supposed to knock on 2000 people's doors to get everybody's opinions?

      Baptiste NEVER had monthy ward meetings.  That is something that Braithwaite initiatied.  

      But seriously, why are you getting on Braithwaite?  Why not a) critique Dyer for withdrawing, or b) put your own campaign together.

      It is not too late to run.  You can still run as a write in candidate as long you register with the county clerk within 60 days of the election.

      Baptiste won an election this way a few years ago.

      It is silly to critique Braithwaite.  He was appointed duly when Baptsite quit mid-term.  Anybody who gives damn about the ward and thinks he isn't doing a good job has the opportunity to run.  No one is stopping you.

    2. Waiteing with Braited Breath

      I completely agree with you on this. Braithwaite is all hot air and no action. He often cancels his Ward meetings the day before or day of, he seldomly provides an agenda, and when he does, it's a show and tell from local business owners (like the plaza owners) who spoon feed us whatever BS they want to and refuse to answer any pointed questions. He's also extremely quiet in council meetings and stamps everything yes. What a waste.

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