One new COVID-19 case in Evanston, 1,392 across state

So far Evanstonians have been less likely to catch the coronavirus than residents of the rest of Illinois.

Evanston health officials reported one new COVID-19 cases among city residents today while the state’s case count grew by 1,392.

The Illinois Department of Public Health reported test results 31,363 people for a positive rate of 4.4%, compared to the seven-day average positive rate of 4%

The IDPH reported test results for 162 Evanston residents today including one positive case for a positive rate of 0.6%.

Evanston health officials say the city’s total case count now stands at 1,020 while the IDPH says the city count is 1,022.

Evanston’s death toll remained unchanged today at 72.

The percentage of Evanston residents diagnosed with the disease continues to be considerably lower than that for the City of Chicago or the State of Illinois.

As of today 1.36% of Evanston residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19, while 2.72% of Chicagoans have tested positive as have 1.98% of all Illinois residents.

Chicago reported 194 new cases today for a total of 73,828 and one more death for a total of 2,897.

Suburban Cook County had 256 more cases for a total of 58,244 and reported no additional deaths today leaving its total death count unchanged at 2,201.

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