Two parents of murdered children spoke to Evanston aldermen Monday night and disputed police claims that recent homicides are the result of a family feud.

Carolyn Murray, whose son Justin was killed Nov. 29, complained at the Human Services Committee meeting that police aren’t doing enough to prevent further violence in her west-side neighborhood.

“I’m getting a lot of questions from neighbors. ‘Carolyn, are you safe? Are you OK?'” Murray said. “I don’t know how to respond.”

She complained that police had not returned phone calls she made inquiring about the status of the investigation into her son’s death and that neighbors hadn’t been notified when there were further shooting incidents in the area.

“When there was a shooting at McDonalds” a few years ago, “there was a phone tree,” Murray said. Then, why, more recently, “wasn’t I alerted to a shooting five blocks away from my house?”

Murray said she didn’t know what the current status was of the investigation into her son’s death, but “all my witnesses cooperated.”

“I’m getting a little perturbed every time I see it called ‘gang-related’ or ‘family-related,'” Murray said. “I don’t know these people. I’m not related to them. I pay my taxes. I’m co-chair of the 5th Ward meeting.”

Top: Carolyn Murray. Above: John Anthony Bamberg.

John Anthony Bamberg, whose son Javar was shot to death Dec. 12, lost another son to violence in 2005 when Robert Gresham was shot to death inside a local bar.

And a third son, John Anthony Bamberg Jr., was acquitted Nov. 30 of shooting another man to death outside an auto repair shop in 2010.

“I’m tired of hearing Evanston police saying things about me,” Bamberg said. “I have not threatened anyone.”

“All this Hatfields and McCoys talk is a bunch of garbage, that’s trying to make us look like a bunch of ignorant niggers,” Bamberg added.

He claimed police know “who walked Javar into the alley to be killed. They know he’s not related to the Davises or anything. And one of the men involved in Carolyn’s son’s death — he’s not related to the Davises.”

(The man convicted of Gresham’s murder,  Antoine Hill, is said by police to be related to the Davis family.)

“Our families are not at war with one another,” Bamberg added. “They might have a couple of family members who don’t like somebody. But that doesn’t mean they’re trying to kill each other.”

Bamberg, who noted he has another son who’s in his third year at Morehouse College in Atlanta, said “those are the only Bamberg men that exist in the community” and he said his son John plans to file suit against the city over the murder case filed against him.

Police Chief Richard Eddington.

Police Chief Richard Eddington said he’s concerned and sorry for the families who’ve lost loved ones.

“But there’s a world of difference between ‘not guilty’ and ‘innocent,’ and I think that will be reflected in the upcoming civil suit,” Eddington added.

As for the failure to bring charges so far in the murders of Javar Bamberg or Justin Murray, Eddington said it is extremely hard to put together cases when there’s a “no-snitch culture” and an unwillingness by witneses to testify against offenders.

“I’m sincerely sorry for the families’ losses,” Eddington said, “but there are individuals in both families that are disinclined to let this go, and there have been shooting incidents since the last homicide.”

He said he has assigned additional officers to the west side Beat 77 to be a visible presence and suppress further acts of violence.

And he added that the department has subpoenaed phone records of several people suspected of involvement in the shootings and that once those records are received he will ask to reactivate the North Region Major Crimes Task Force for two or three days to review the records.

Also on the “no-snitch” front, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said on Monday he hopes to recruit sports stars and other celebrities to try to counter the no-snitching culture that discourages witnesses from cooperating with police.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Police ineffectiveness is a major problem

    These two murders aren't the only ones that aren't solved.  

    Eddington and the city use the "no snitch" excuse to cover up their own inability to solve a case.  

    If you followed the trial of Bamberg, Jr.  his defense attorney made mincemeat of the police investigation. They apparently didn't listen to other witnesses and immedately deployed the "family feud" narrative to target Bamberg instead of doing a more thorough job.

    There seems to be a lack of an actual thought-out plan to address gang violence in the city.  Take a look at New York where Bloomberg made a priority of police stamping out low-scale crime by known gang members to make the city inhospitible to known bad guys.  

    Instead of waiting for big trouble to develop, NYC took a proactive approach.

    Eddington and the EPD don't seem to have any strategy towards implementing effective criminal justice approaches.

    1. I got to stop reading cause I

      I got to stop reading cause I know Ill say something!!  I have had police in my family forever my daughter is one now, My uncle was the 1st African American police chief in Evanston Cops cant solve ill is in a socity!! The colective group has to make changes the cops can only keep people in there defined places!! We need to mature as a country and town and get on to real change and stop asking the gaurds who just open the cells to save us!!  Eddington is a real pro, and a class act doing his best with all the fractions in this crazy town he must deal with And stay sane!! Let give him a easyer town to police!!  That wont be nearly as easy as pointing at him and saying HES TO BLAME, NAWWWWW ( Ebonics keep jumpin out ) we are to blame!!

  2. War or supposed war o black familys

    John is right on, on this point to say  this is a two familys at war was so wrong!

    And the crazy part is those who have some knowlaged of African American familys here in Evanston exspecaily in this 5th ward would know most if not all of these familys  are interconected, and we are closer two one large family then a bunch of at war small ones, the media and some people in around and at the city framed it as such and then it was on!! Yes we have people in each amily with issues about the other, but I am a Jackson, Daivis Family member and have know John, his sons and many of his Family or years without any issues at all!!

    The issue here is the frameing of issues in the black community, It seems that anything can be said without question, and it cool as long as the familys are black, some news outlets were alowed to show pictures of both familys as if this was a sideshow not a real tragedy, Black life is important as any other, and the respect of the honer of Black familys is also important, yes there is a culture we IN THIS COMMUNITY must change. But the respect must be at a high level by all partys NEWS, CITY, POLICE, all and when it is not it demeans black familys and black life, and yes we must stop this killing no matter what or how it got started, but we also must demand respect from all outside people and agencys or we help to promote more death and dishoner because a lack of self worth!! And I hope and pray this all ends, but to my CITY I say nohing happens in a vacum, and this was  a pot that was boiling all the time, and our citys answers to boiling BLACK POTS IS MORE POLICE!!

  3. This whole “family feud”

    This whole "family feud" scenario is real.  The Evanston polce know it and we as a community know it.  It's up to the parents to come together and take control of our children and quell this mess before the streets are running with blood.Of course there is always going to be "beef" between two parties, but the video-mentality of our childrena and the drug-infused mindset has created a monster.  Only the black community,  mothers, FATHERS, uncles aunties, cousins can come together and solve this problem. It's not too late,  we just have to be consistent and show our kids we mean business.

  4. I just don’t see how its the cops’ fault …

    … that these guys are killing each other. The cops didn't shoot these victims. How do you control these losers. Its like all they know.

    And where are their family members and friends? Sittin inside chilin knowing pretty well what these losers are all about.

    Why all the hangin' in the streets doin nothin' but talkin' trash!

    Where are the parents, friends and clergy then?? If you want to save your life and you kids…. Move out! Sad but true. Move far away from the losers.

  5. Get it together

    The police need to get it together. Actually do something instead of waiting for something to happen. Stop letting Rodgers Park crime creep into Evanston, what should be a great, safe city. Or figure out how to raise property taxes/rent to get these punks and thugs out of Evanston.

    1. Raise property taxes even more?

      Property taxes are already pretty darn high!  on top of the suburban property taxes we pay to barely stay afloat we have to deal with urban crime?!!?  this is getting silly.  

      1. WQW I cant get to school

        WQW I cant get to school reading your comments, My dear Sir, at what time in your life did you think higher taxes would buy you safety!! A pyramid is what FAT on the bottom, means more people down there! Hmmmmm? just a little cash`, a few GOOD MEN in uniform. a heavy Law book weighted towatds the lower classes, YEA YEA IM HOME FREE!! Only a fool dont understand YIN and YAG or for the slower Karma this system with all its goodness and holyness,and God fearingness, has a few ghost and just because we made it politicly incorect to speak it in public. the ghost are still here, the start of that family dysfuction so often spoke about here and else were did

         not start at the hands of its main VICTiMS. and we dont need a history leason here but lets just say a house built on a really bad foundation will —- down fill in the blank!! and we as a town a country a world will come face to face with it, even if we dont talk about it!! In the street talk of our young FEEL ME?  This is a sickness that just shows it self in its weakest 1st!! No tax can save you,or me from that!! God willing we will ether work as 1 or die as 1, simple answer to that for me!!

    2. These murders have nothing to do with Rogers Park

      These murders have nothing to do with Rogers Park. All of the people involved are locals. Believe it or not, Evanston is not the center of the universe. Chicago criminals and gangs stick with what they know…Chicago.

      1. I would like to ask you

        I would like to ask you mister Anonymous What Gang have you belonged too and what  would you  no about Gangs having Borders, Wow we cant be that DUMB!! There are no Chicago Gangs and Evanston Gangs FOOL A GD is a GD, A Vice lord is A VICE Lord, A King is a King, a Fo CH is so NATION WIDE GET a GRIP please people we cant keep and stay stupid!!  Gangs dont have borders towns do!! All that bs you talked about other towns coming down on small crimes done by gangs, same guy in that town been here stupid Gangs are multi state and country in some casees !! go on the internet, sh-t read a jet magazine from 1980 engage mind before opening mouth!! Same Guy or girl said you know this is familys at war, No I Think that is a TV show Famliy Feud or war or fight or something!! wow now I know where you get your information on BLACK FAMILY DYNAMICS—- Infomercails late night ones, REAL LATE!!

    3. Couldn’t agree more.

      Start arresting people before they commit any crimes, seal off the borders, and give control of the housing market to the government.  Brilliant!

  6. So what is going on? If you know, tell the police

    So there's no feud going on between these families?  Yet two adult children in one extended family are dead, two adult children in the extended family are dead, and one adult child in one family was just recently acquitted of killing a child in the other family — all within the last few years.

    As the number of murdered people in these two extended families has continued to rise, what are the other Evanston residents supposed to think?  Do these two families just have much worse luck than other families?

    Mr. Bamberg says that he hasn't threatened anyone.  But my biggest concern is who keeps pulling the trigger on these guns and killing people.  It sounds like Mr. Bamberg knows who killed Javar (he said the police know who took Javar into an alley to kill him).  Why not speak with the police and tell them what you know before anyone else in your family or another family is killed by the same people?

    I, too, am sincerely sorry for these families' losses.  So please step forward and tell what you know to help end the killing. 

  7. War? War you say on Black familys? or with Black familys

    Ill try and post this again!! You know us black folks feel a consperacy all over, even when posting a comment!! Lol!! But to my brother Anonymous The pont  was not if people from two familys had been killed, it was two black familys at war!! Not true!!!  People from a lot of familys have Issues but two black familys are not at war!! and we will go down a few points trying to show you that!! 1 it takes OHHHHH bout 1500 people, to make up the average black family so why dont we lump all of them togther and say they are at war cause of 2 to 4 dam fools born in them, bet you got more then four dam fools in that Family Anonymous ( got to with that last name)!! 2 Black familys in Evanston are to intertwined for some know nothing to say that!! 3 Most if not all the people in those familys know each other and see and interact daily,UMMMMM that would mean they must be shooting at each other with silencers, cause THEY AT WAR!! Such a simple minded view and thoughts are how we got here!! I see your one of the LOCK EM UP GUYS or Girls, Anonymous is kinda Unsexual, Well people this criime and punishment group has been aresting Black men and women at record rates for the past 35 years. Feel any safer? Hmmmmm? could that be part of the problum?  you will spend 30,000 a year to put they ass away lock em up JOE!!. but cry foul if the cost of education for them creeps above 8.000 aint you LAW abiding, moral higher up got it yet!! YOU CANT ARREST YOU WAY TO SAFE TOWN AND GLENS, just wont happen people!! Cant arrest a socail ill of your making!! See it is time to think out the box, not only for Black people to change the, I DONT REALLY TRUST THE POLICE OR THE SYSTEM, SHHHHHHH! ( with dam good historical reason) But white people who think all you need is a gated community, and MO POLICE,  cant hide folks the darkies is come over the fence, darn did I say that? I did so you did not have too!! We all have to put hands minds and hearts of this!! CUFFS AINT ENOUGH!! Sorry if I ruffeled any Priss feathers!! Cant just roll out the basket balls no mo folks the MONSTER is grown, dang you mean we in this progress northshore community could have snuffed it out a long TIME AGO NAWWWW not thinking like this, thats how we got here!!

    1. Who’s the racist now?

      Lonnie, if I wanted to live in "a gated community" and have "MO POLICE", I wouldn't be living in Evanston.  I don't intend to hide from anyone of a different race.  If I did, I would be living further north.

      I can't believe that you think it's appropriate to write:

      "cant hide folks the darkies is come over the fence."  and

      "cant just roll out the basket balls no mo folks the MONSTER is grown, dang you mean we in this progress northshore community could have snuffed it out a long TIME AGO."

      Is that your view of all of the white residents of this town and what they think?  If so, your comments are racist.  You don't know me, you don't know my thoughts, you don't know my friends.  So you need to knock off the baseless allegations that I am a racist when you need to look in the mirror.

      Please face facts.  Some members of these two families seem to have a problem.  They are killing each other.  From the news articles that I've seen, no one is claiming that white people are killing the young black men from these two families.  So perhaps you are ranting at the wrong people?

      Many of us want the people involved to stop killing each other.  We want safety in all Evanston neighborhoods and these idiots shooting each other making all of us less safe.  These idiots who shoot and kill others deserve to be arrested, placed in handcuffs and sent to prison after a trial — whether they are black, white or green.

      And I don't have any "Priss feathers."  If you are looking to turn people off to your point of view, you are well on your way.


      1. Not one time did I call you a

        Not one time did I call you a racest!  I might have had on my mind that some things you say are bigoted, but how would you know that? And Ill be damed you just said members of some familys have issues!! Wow you get it!! DUHHHH, NOT  BLACK FAMILYS AT WAR!!  and yes I think Evanston can, could, and should do a better job with its people who have less, some here in our town have a lot and some not just from pulling ones self up from the boot straps ( you know thats the line they give us who dont have Shhhhh!! ) its a joke a joke dang!! well only part of it ! and I have many white friends many some who agree, man they are going to be so mad I said that in a public form!!

        1. How much more shall we take from those who have?

            Who should decide how much we take from the rich parts of town and who gets what? How much would be enough?  Where would be the right places to give the money, or should we just straight out give checks to poor families so they can do what they want with it? 

          Just wondering.  I'm already paying a huge property bill for which I receive poor quality services. I'd just like to see how much more I should pay to make it fair in your eyes and what your vision is for how to spend the money that I've earned.  

          Just wondering, did you get an education in the Evanston public schools?


          1. I got a great education from

            I got a great education from not only Evanston schools but Evanston people I  stand with heart fealt thanks  to both!!

            And I dont want you to give a dime, but I do have Ideas on how you could spend in Evanston on Evanston and help rebuild Evanston and some of its people! Now you ask what is that?

            Well it is a bit tougher and harder to do then Basketball but I do think Evanston has the will, people, and true love and buiness savy to get it done in a way the  whole country would stand and take notice!!

            Evanstons housing stock is old most pre 1970, Energy wasting and not up to the real world demands of our new energy cost, and alot of Evanston people could afford to retro fit there homes, windows, door, caulk, insalation, ect! But we lack a trained large enough EVANSTON  energy performance workforce to do most if not all Evanston homes ( yea yea I know all cant afford it we will get to that)  but some on our east, and north can afford it, and I think would if we do a few things, 1 save them money on energy cost, 2 train and build an EVANSTON  based energy performance company ( employing evanston people BUILD a local company using local dollars at frist! but make it self standing in a real way!!! 3 reduce the people waste in crime, dysfucyion, just lost people  who have no direction or future, and there are more then you think! 4 build a tax paying buiness from the floor up using local dollars and talent!! 5 think OUT THE BOX ( you know Evanston education did do 1 thing, it made me want to changes people, and places and the way we do things)  Ok nuts and bolts How do we get such a work force trrained here in ETOWN well we are the seat of education, NU, National Louis, Kendal, ETHS, on n on, have 1 if not all our mega schools invites a energy performance teaching entity say BPI  Building performance institute or some other here to our town with a set in stone idea of change, people and building and have them train our people to do our local work ( just at 1st folks we ust build a self standing biz cause yall aint gona pay for a flat tire biz) then let North and East Evanston be 1st in line to REBUILD EVANSTON and  reduce the carbon footprint that Evanston said it would do using Evanston people to do it!! And sell it to Evanston as a save it self, self help Idea! it can be done and Where else could something like this be born, but a town like EVANSTON!! See we brag about us all over,Chicago has big shoulders, willmete has brick on its streets, Skokie has an a guy with native headress,Highland park has an on grass music place!! Evanston has heart and soul and intelect lets prove it!! Now how do we help pay for those who cant? Tax credits, ingenuitity, and local banks who swear they are here for us ( put up or shut up) and the saving in energy cost! Its raw but it is and idea the helps advataged and disadvantaged alike, and saves the earth!1 and we have that greener Evanston group who can help work out the kinks!! Evanston saves Evanston without a cop or a  cuff or bad things said in print! HMMMM? and I got a mean jump shot cant spell worth sh– please forgive grammer or spelling just get the drift PLEASE!!

          2. Really, an ETHS education?

            Lonnie –  no, you did not get a "great education" from Evanston schools because your spelling is pathetic. Couple that with the fact that you obviously don't grasp basic sentence structure and we have further proof of your lack of "education." You may have graduated from Evanston but you obviously spent little time paying attention to what was taught. If you would just stop and reread some of your rants prior to posting them maybe we'd have an easier time understanding your points. In the interim, take all that energy and put it towards a solution rather than just hiding behind a computer screen – this forum will provide no positive change. 

            I have no doubt that you'll fire off yet another poorly thought out response but I won't read it because I doubt I'll remember to come check this site again. Good luck in life.

          3. I am a really bad speller,

            I am a really bad speller, writer, anything haveing to do with puttng things  down in writing I have issue always have.

            But Education in life is not just those things, Ill get better with those as I do it more often and I have no issue saying that! But my understanding and abiltys wont ever be  as small or simple as  word in print!

            The smartest man I ever knew Bill Logan the 1st just went to 5th grade but he inner understanding was at a  place and level few  people equaled!!

            This country and people set what you and this cuture see as bright or smart or educated, I dont fit in that box

            My statement that I got a great education from Evanston schools and people still stands!!

            Im really a speaker not a writer, and Im working on becoming a better writer But only a simple mind would put real learning in a set of man made rules on what is and is not education! My real issue is I rush to type what Im feeling and thanks for the tip, ( Take time and reread) Im still getting an education from Evanston

            I attacked some thing I saw in my home town as wrong, using terms and  shocking  frazing  tha are upseting I am sorry for doing that cause my point was missed, I wont do that again!

            And what is funny to me is all the so called educated ( in your terms]  people can do is say I  Im a bad writer, really?  I know that!! but I am far from a bad thinker, I have 35 years of  of one the ground work here in this City, with a case lode of about 300 kids a year for 15 years, only my work on this computer is new, I been at ground level HIDING!!   Wonder did I see any of the great writen word masters out there, NAAAAAA!! 

            Hope you remember to read this!! And you have good luck in life TOO!I






          4. Stick to what Mr Wilson is saying not his spelling- please!

            I have been attacked on here before about my spelling. Those that attack, don't want to discuss the issues.

            They look for a tangential topics.   If you are smarter than Mr Wilson, you should be able to understand what he is saying.( that is if you are smarter?)

            The Waste, Management and Corruption going on in this town is interesting.  The special interest groups are covering it as fast as they can.  

            At the next council meeting they are going to approve the Lit Theater project spending over 1.7 million of tax payer money.  Ann Rainey will tell you its TIF funds, no its not they are borrowing against future TIF funds, with the risk we taxpayer will pay, this could well end up as a 4% increase to our property taxes.  Corrupt yes, since these people aren't telling anyone the risk.

            Theres is lot more here to worry about than Mr Wilson spelling.  Attack what he saids not his spelling please!


          5. Spelling is not the only problem

            Syntax, grammar and substance — also problematic in Mr. Wilson's posts. 

          6. My ;lack of skills spelling,

            My ;lack of skills spelling, typeing,  syntax  grammer hane not kept me off the front lines! 

            An here is a small point with all my flaws I have enough honer and respect for who and what I am to put my name on even a badly  written paper, Mr no one, it easy and a bit cowardly to stand and peek from the bushes!!

            Then again I was raised in the 5th ward, nowhere to hide, so we put our  name on it!!

          7. Dont worry about jabs about

            Dont worry about jabs about my spelling,, syntax or grammer!

            I spent 15 years as a case manger for at risk youth at family focus, I am the founder of community builders a non profit builder, and teacher of trades to the tradless, That is now a for profit company employing young black men  I took gang members and built BooCoo, then to those same men and helped build chucrh st Village,, I taught street kid how to drill Geo thermal wells, I have spent my life changeing the outcomes of maybe 10 or 15000 young people I am in the streets and active daily! I spent my time doing not writing about doing!! Some wave there flags and jump up and down about the traping of smart or Educated! I just do with the wit I was taught in my family and from people in  Evanston  and around the world!! I have young people saying to me evry day thanks, And I still cant spell! Maybe on day one of these great writers can write my story!! Cause I spent to much time living the storys, to be great at writing about them!!  Now go write that!!!! properly please!!

    2. Please be a troll

      Remember formatting? Spelling? Grammar? Those are real things. That you should do.

      Seriously, though, are you kidding me?

      If you are a troll, shame on you.

      If you are a real person (and a black person), shame on you, and believe this: YOU ARE WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. Stop being a stereotype. I can't even express the rage that your comment has instilled in me. Why would you post a comment like this? Darkies? Nawwww? Black families are comprised of 1500 people? Please tell me you are a troll because this is egregious.

      1. No Morgan I am not a troll,

        No Morgan I am not a troll, and cant spell cant type, but I can think and see and feel, and I am so sorry if I hurt anyones feelings! But I have lived in Evanston my whole life, my family has been here a 100 plus years ( a certain alderwoman HATES When I say that) so I have a real true understanding from were I sit what ole E TOWN is, was and sadly seems to stay!! Yes our PR packets tell of a diverse community of many colors. It has great pictures of blacks, whites, an Latin people on it covers!! But the reality is EVANSTON for most of my life is as segregated as SOUTH AFRICA, with bondries just as clear and systems that keep and matain that, cleverly, with a dash of northern smiles and and hugs!! But this is a racest town, now do I think all the white people in it are? No most are loving caring people, but the systems that governs, do buiness, and educates, and locks up folks is and remains racest!! And please tell HE WHO would REMAIN nameless I cant be a RACEST it takes power and the controlling systems to be a RACEST look up the word, cant spell but my reading teachers did a great job!! This DIVERSITY SHOULD BE CALLED DRIVE BY DIVERSITY, cause thats what most of it is!!    And me and all the branches of my family make up easy 1500, and most of them live right here!! When a Black Evanston /Native born son screams and says we need to do more, then roll out basket ball where do you think I got that from ? from watching our leaders roll out balls to stop crime ( Check the records of your fair and honest and all color  loving town)  dont get mad at me cause I held up a mirror! and just so we are clear I type like I speak, my daughters both say DAD people will take the wrong in type!! well so be it!! sorry but please get my point here Evanston has had time and resources and at one time the money to nip this dissconect in the bud and ROLLED OUT BASKETBALLS!! Get mad at that!!  Not me!! 

        Yours truly the TROLL with a tan!!

        1. Nope — it’s racism

          Here's the Oxford dictionary definition of racism and it does not correlate to your definition:

          "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races

          prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior"

          You conclude that all white people in Evanston are mean and callous — wanting to live in gated communities with more police, wanting to hide from black people, wanting to hand out basketballs as a solution to our City's problems, and wanting to "snuff out the MONSTER."  That's categorizing an entire race of people based on their qualities.

          There is nothing in the Oxford dictionary definition that talks about who has what power or who controls what systems.  Grouping people based on their race and sweeping demonization of that race — that's racist.  And that's what you are writing.

          The sooner that those spouting these attitudes understand that they are racists just as white people who spout the same bigoted generalizations of an entire race, the better off we will all be.  You don't want white people categorizing you by your race.  Ditto for me on what you say about white people. 

          Listen to what Morgan wrote if you won't listen to me.  Your rant alienates lots and lots of people and, if I must say it, black people and white people.


          1. I wont defend things I did

            I wont defend things I did not say, Now did I emply that some people( no color or race was said) did not seem to care till the murders became over the top in a big way, yes I did and I still think that, did I emply that some feel high taxes and gates give a fasle sense of safety, again yes, did I say all white people are mean or callous NO, do I think that as  long as issues in the back community are to some degree local and area defined some remain not involved again YES!! Now trust me I am not a racest, by my own self definition! Do I think that some in Evanston are racest again YES, and as a black man I see it in a light you cant, wont, or dont care too, but lets get clear on a point or two, there have been murders in this community for as long as I have been alive! I am 56 All or  most all unsolved!! Now check the records on that! And do I think that people who do crimes should be punished YES,  But I also as a Black man know we ( black people ) are about 13 or 14 percent of the population, but we make up 35 or 40 percent of prison population! And this leads me to a place that knows we cant arrest or lock up our way to a safe town, it wont work and the bulk of those locked up will look like me or be me this is a crime also!!  my real point is a bit to long for here n I posted a bit much, Ill end like this if I start a monopoly game and I get  most of the land,the bank,  the jail, the power company, the dice and I set the rules can you really ever git in the game? and what type of  mental illness will this round n round unwinable game create in you? and if you feel a real distaste for your self and others like you because of this outer imposed mental illness  who do you strike at 1st ? and make no mistake my brother RACE is in all thing in this country! Now hope that dont make you uneasy cause its true!! Now lets get on to solutions, I cant do thsi any more I feel as I do from what I have lived, and all of it except 2 weeks a year have been here in Evanston!

    3. Not sure what race has to do with this….

      This is a weird comment. As far as we know there is nothing to suggest that the murders have anything to do with the victims' racial identity.

      These are not being investiaged under hate crimes legislation.  The victims' and perpetrators race seems irrelevant.

      What we have are violent people running around town who need to be stopped.  As Carolyn Murray states the cops are being ineffective.  We need to hold their feet to the fire.

  8. War or supposed war o black familys

    Now the war is on Lonnies writing abiltys,  I have none, now can we stop fiddling while Evanston burns?

    People I did not mean to start a fight,  I just wanted to say we can do more and do better!

    My lack of writing skills never killed anyone, or framed a set of killings as A BLACK FAMILY WAR!

    This town efforts and income has been used a bit unfairly  is bulk has been used where you see Evanston good side.                                                                                                                                                                   Downtown, lake front, North and East Evanston and you can tell!

    Saying all people have to do is tell on family loser and emplying we are just familys of goon in clever and suttle way has a true racest tint!!                                                                                                                                                    that did not make me mad,  I saw  the stated and hidden mesage, but Im not as clever as some!!                                                                                                                                        it made me speak or write BADLY, but the hint of race and types of things in this race or that race was there, yall just hide it better! 

    I am going to say this and I hope it cause no anger, then again I dont care if it does!

    Some people can sure hide there bullshit, and hidden feeling well in the writen word I cant!!

    Now  we  have  a  get  Lonnie war going on  cause  I said gates and high tax wont save you,  Really Mr No name said he pays to high a tax for URBAN ISSUES, Hmmm?    Cant spell worth a dead flea, but I understand the double meaning of that!    No 1 said a word , cause I said it wont help and the city rolls out balls to stop crime ( they did and still do )  focus on ME,     Darkies was a true misstep on my part!!                                                                                           Please do more if you can cause I might, I say might become a better writer and speller!                                           But if the nature of city hall reamains as is, and the  no hope and no fuiture outlook stays as is, in SOME of our wards you can count on more DEATHS! Even if I never write another WORD!!  


  9. Family Feud

    I think that it is important to note how the EPD has framed this issue as an ongoing family feud between members with gang ties. The way this issue has been framed makes no clear distinction between family and gang and seems rather pointless considering what Carolyn Murray has said regarding the fact that the EPD is no closer to solving her sons murder. If the fact that these murders are related will help to bring about justice than I think that all resources should be used to try to get these two families to give up those who have committed the murders, however, all reports from members of the so called feuding families indicates that these murders were committed by individuals not related to one family or another which leads one to the conclusion that the EPD should show more compassion when dealing with mourning families who regardless of gang ties or family feuding deserve justice.    

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