PD: Drug suspect tried to grab cop’s gun

A Chicago man is facing aggravated battery and drug charges after a confrontation with Evanston police.

Evanston Police Commander Tom Guenther says officers on patrol Tuesday evening in the 300 block of Custer Avenue questionned two men in the alley after they noticed the smell of marijuana smoke coming from their car.

Guenther says that the men had a large amount of cash and said they were waiting pick up a friend from a nearby building. When the officers saw a third man looking out from the building, they went over to question him.

Guenther says the third man, identified as Jerry Deshaun Johnson, 26, of 1714-1/2 Juneway Terrace in Chicago, began resisting arrest and lunged at one of the officers, trying to grab his holstered gun.

Police say that as they struggled, the officer fell backwards through the building’s rear door into the laundry room with the door closing and locking behind them. The other officer had to jump through a laundry room window to help take Johnson into custody.

Guenther says they found baggies with crack cocaine and marijuana along with a large amount of cash in Johnson’s possession. He also was wanted on an outstanding felony fugitive arrest warrant.

The officers were treated for cuts and abrasions at a local hospital.

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