News of an impending presidential visit to Northwestern University’s Evanston campus provided the two most-read stories on Evanston Now in September. Here’s a rundown of the top 10.

  1. Military planes land at NU ahead of Obama visit — Sept. 29 — Two U.S. Marine helicopters and two tiltrotor Osprey aircraft landed on Northwestern University’s lakefill campus in Evanston early this afternoon drawing a crowd of onlookers.
  2. Street closures planned for Obama visit — Sept. 30 — Several Evanston streets will be closed from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday in connection with President Obama’s visit to the Northwestern University campus.
  3. Downed tree blocks Dempster after heavy storm — Sept. 5 — Heavy wind and rain this afternoon knocked down trees across Evanston — most dramatically completely blocking Dempster Street just west of Asbury Avenue.
  4. Valli unveils shopping center plans — Sept. 10 — Valli Produce officials unveiled some preliminary drawings for a redesign of the Evanston Plaza shopping center this week and said they’re scheduled to close on their purchase of the property later this month.
  5. Chicago alderman blames Evanston gangs for fatal shooting — Sept. 2 — Alderman Joe Moore, of Chicago’s 49th Ward, says Chicago police have told him Evanston gangs are to blame for a fatal shooting Sunday in Rogers Park.
  6. Police seek to locate missing Evanston man — Sept. 12 — Evanston police are asking for the public’s help in locating a missing Evanston man whose car was found at O’Hare Airport.
  7. Former funeral home site to see new life — Sept. 12 — The vacant lot on Maple Avenue downtown Evanston that once housed the Donnellan Funeral Home may soon sprout an 11-story mixed use development.
  8. Body found near O’Hare may be that of missing Evanston man — Sept. 15 — A body found near a remote parking lot at O’Hare airport may be that of a missing Evanston man.
  9. Rabbi resigns over pro-Palestinian views — Sept. 4 — Rabbi Brant Rosen, of Evanston’s Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, reportedly has resigned because of what he said is long-standing tension over his support for Palestinians in their conflict with Israel.
  10. City backs $1.1 million tax break for play cafe — Sept. 9 — Evanston aldermen Monday night voted to support a request from the owners of the planned Little Beans Cafe play space that would cut $1.1 million from property taxes on the site over the next 12 years.

Top: An image from the president’s Google+ page.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. The King’s speech

    I assume most everyone in Evanston and at Northwestern are wetting their pants in anticipation of a visit from the King.

    1. Better the King than the court jester

      Better the King than the previous administation's court jester.

      1. In the old days, this king

        In the old days, this king would have been tarred and feathered then thrown out of town but then we would have been stuck with "loose-Lips" Biden.

          1. Jon Yancy, you are acting

            Jon Yancy, you are acting like you have an IQ of 70 when you refer to me as a klan member. I voted for "W" and for the most part, I thought he did a good job. His biggest problem is that he didn't fight back against Chris Dodd and Barney Frank when they covered up what was going on with unsecured home loans.

            I didn't vote for obama because I knew him as a Illinois state senator. He was self-centered and lazy and did not change when he was a U. S. senator. We got so use to him mis-stating the facts and getting a pass that we just came to accept it as nothing to concern us. Obama has proven that he doesn't know much about anything.

            Presently, obama has the lowest rating of any president in modern times, at this stage, and it is only going to get worse for him.

            I feel venticated that I didn't vote for obama but sad for my country that so many people were fooled into supporting this charlatan. My concern is not because he is black. There are many blacks that would probably would be great as a president, but obama is proven not to be one of them.

            I don't know what your IQ is but when you act like a moron, people will begin to think like you are one.

          2. Seriously, If you are only

            Seriously, If you are only worried about vindicated being mispelled, I guess you agree with me on everything else. Glade to see that you are not stupid.

            Have a nice day.

          3. If you think Bush’s biggest problem was Dodd and Barney Frank ..

            … there are parents and widows of about 4500 soldiers killed in Iraq who would beg to differ.

          4. There were more Americans

            There were more Americans killed in Afghanistan, Obama's JUST war, during the Obama administation, as of about 18 months ago, than the combined total of Afghanistan and Iraq under 8 years of GWB's administration.

            Does that mean there is a lack of leadship in BO's administration? probably.

          5. There is not much hope for

            There is not much hope for the people who have been fooled by Obama, so I am moving on and will not engage in this blog subject.

            Thank you for your amusing posts.

          6. Dodd-Frank and Mortgages

            As usual Congress and regulators went so far with their new rules that Ben Bernanke just-past Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank could not meet the criteriia to re-finance his mortgage despite making $200,000 per speech and having a very well paying job.

            Good work Congress !  We will see how the public does getting mortgages and helping the economy.

    2. Cease your jealous and petty

      Cease your jealous and petty ways and bask in the glory of your home town President. Even if you did not vote for him, he still remains your president. You can Bellyache all you want, its covered under Obamacare.

      1. My Only Comment… in Jest
        Seymour writes… “…and bask in the glory of your home town President.”

        What glory do we bask in? Oops, my bad… I forgot Obama walked on Lake Michigan from the Gold Coast to get to NU to avoid LSD traffic.

        And yea… I did not vote for him. But still that does not mean I need to “bask in the glory.”

        You would hardly bask in the glory of GW Bush, because he is your President back then. You would lambast him.

        Will anyone be fainting at the speech in Cahn? Do we have paramedics on standby?

        It’s over.

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