A city panel today approved plans to renovate the exterior of the former Dominick’s on Green Bay Road in Evanston to convert it to a Whole Foods Market.

The revised plan submitted today adds more trees and islands to the landscaping plan, as requested by city staff at a previous meeting of the Design and Project Review Committee.

The plans also call for converting the parking lot light poles to use LED fixtures and adding more lighting along the Green Bay Road frontage of the store.

Otherwise, visible exterior changes to the building will be minor, limited to painting the wall surfaces above the brick work and replacing the standing seam roof near the entrances.

A company representative said the store would be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and that for the most part deliveries would occur between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Delivery trucks would enter the alley behind the store from Jenks Street at the south end of the property and then pull past and back into a loading dock off the alley. After the delivery they would drive through the parking lot and exit onto Isabella Street to return to Green Bay Road.

No residents offered comments at the meeting, but the store is scheduled to be one topic on the agenda at a joint 6th and 7th Ward meeting to be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 22, at Three Crowns Park, 2323 McDaniel Ave.

The new market is expected to open by the end of July.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Don’t need another Whole Foods

    If there's one thing I think Evanston needs, it's a third Whole Foods. NOT! What a waste! More overpriced food, ridiculous. Too bad we now take our grocery shopping OUT of Evanston and boost the local economy of Wilmette with their Jewel.

    1. Competition can only make the Jewel better

      I think Whole Foods is in a much better position to tell what Whole Foods needs. Besides, competition can only make the Jewel better.

    2. Four Jewels

      There are at least four Jewels available to Evanston residents. Two in the the city and two on the border. I rarely shop Whole Foods. No doubt they did some research prior to opening the third.

    3. Whole Foods—a non-starter

      I suspect [hope for their common sense and pocket books] most won't want to pay the high prices at the new Whole Foods.  In downtown Evanston Whole Foods is basically their only choice—esp.if no car but CTA to Jewel on Howard or walk to Jewel on Chicago Ave or D&D on Noyes would make more sense.

      Dominicks on Greenbay is sorely missed. Whole Foods there is a non-starter.

      Going way back [70s] there was a Dominicks where the theaters are now—small and crowded.  I am surprised one of the high rises in downtown did not get a Walmart to open in their ground floor—it looks like the former Borders still might provide them with a chance.

    4. I agree!
      I would like to see a Mariano store go in there. $3.99 for one red pepper at Whole Foods is ridiculous!

    5. So excited for this new Whole Foods!
      I can’t wait to not have to trek down to WF South to do my shopping! I can’t wait for this WF to open.

  2. Welcome Whole Foods!

    I live in NW Evanston and I am thrilled that the Whole Foods will be finally be opening on Green Bay Road.  I shop Whole Foods because I want to provide organic produce and higher quality meat and dairy products for my children that I can't find at Jewel or even at Mariano's.  Clearly Whole Foods' market research has indicated that I am not alone.  There is room for every type of shopper  in Evanston–let's not criticize each other's preferred price points on red peppers or pork chops. 

  3. Whole Foods new lower price stores

    They have announced that they will begin opening lower price stores targeted at younger shoppers.
    Too late for Evanston shoppers I guess.
    This morning on the CBS national news the anchor Nora O'Donnell referred to Whole Foods as Whole Paycheck and commented on how expensive they are.  A national news anchor does not make chump change and when they mention the cost, you know they are high.
    Fortunate for Whole Foods many Evanston shoppers don't understand that.  Nor do NU students but then their parents are paying the bills.

    1. Whole Foods quote too good to pass up

      The new cheaper Whole Foods will only require you to show 3 years of W-2’s instead of the normal 5 years before allowing you to shop there.

      — samir mezrahi (@samir) May 7, 2015


      As long as they can keep selling at their regular stores to those who will buy bottled water at any price despite blind taste tests that show people prefer tap water—even from the Chicago River— and college students whose parents pay the bills, I guess Whole Foods won't go broke.


  4. Awesome!

    Thrilled to have WF open at this location!

    I only shop there and it is such a hassle for me to drive to one on Willow Rd. It takes a lot of my time, so I shop for the entire week, to save me a trip. But this location is perfect for me!

    Plenty of other stores for people who do not like or cannot afford WF. This will make my life so much easier…

    1. Un-informed ?
      There are already two WF in Evanston. And you still drive to Willow Rd in Winettka ?
      Reminds me of a friend who will take multiple buses and pretty long walks to go to Food for Less, Walmart, Trader Joes [went to ones far away until one built in Evanston and now does not even go to it] and other places for food. But will not walk three blocks to D&D and Jewel on Chicago Ave. is “too far”—despite being less than a mile and CTA train is a block from her. “Grass is always greener” I guess.
      But then she drinks bottled water so I guess is to be expected–no health reasons.

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