Evanston police today are continuing their investigation of Monday’s shooting incident on Dodge Avenue that left one man dead and another injured.

Cmdr. Joseph Dugan says detectives have “some pretty good leads” but that no one is in custody yet in the case — in which two men on bicycles rode up to two men standing near the intersection of Dodge Avenue and Lyons Street about 1:30 a.m. Monday and opened fire on them.

Donte Blackwell, 23, of Niles, was shot once in the torso. He was pronounced dead at Evanston Hospital.

The second victim, a 21-year-old Evanston man, suffered non-life threatening wounds to an arm and a leg.

The nearest surveillance cameras to the shooting scene were a block away in either direction — with one at Dodge and Emerson and another at Dodge and Church, Dugan says.

The city applied for a grant last year to install more cameras along Dodge Avenue and on Church Street as part of a safe routes to school project, but Dugan says the grant proposal was not funded.

Police have continued efforts to get guns off the streets, arresting one man on Saturday and another on Sunday — both felons who Dugan says were found to have guns in their possession. But so far they haven’t located the guns used in Monday’s fatal shooting — or the people who used them.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Enough is Enough
    Time for law enforcement to invoke RICO statutes and go after the Hatfields and McCoys. Their code of silence is not helping the murder rate in this town.

    1. You’re right — it is time!

      RICO allows for forfeiture of homes, cars, bank accounts, etc. along with prison time. 

      Tell these feuding family members that they have a choice — stop the shooting and all other violence now, be peaceful and resolve their disputes in a civil fashion or lose all of their worldly possessions that are worth more than five cents in federal court via forfeiture while they go to prison.  Their choice!


    2. Re: Enough is Enough

      It's also high time for Evanston politicians to consider what kind of effect all of their restrictive ordinances (gun shops/ranges, AWB) have on real, as opposed to imaginary, crime and criminals.

  2. Get the camera’s up and watch
    Get the camera’s up and watch the area calm down. Those landlord that rent those houses out should be help accountable for the tenants they have in the community.

    1. would like info

      I'm not familiar with rental contracts in Evanston……is there anything in the contents of rental agreements that states that rentors can be evicted for having criminal activiry, and/or not respecting other neighbors?   It would be at the best interests of other neighbors that they know who they are all living near…and to know that nobody wants to reside among criminals.  Then there is the assumption that people signing leases, actually read them, but that is their problem if they don't.  They shoudl forfeit their right to rent.

      1. Evicted for crimes ?

        I like Naffa would like to know if contract or no contract it is legal to evict renters [including parents of children committing crimes] for criminal activity such as violent crime, assault or even robbery. There is far to much crime in Evanston and even the aldermen should be able to see where it is happening [and those who commit the crimes are from] instead of just saying this is a [semi-]urban area and just accept it—and put up more housing in those areas for the same group of people.

  3. No More Affordable Housing

    Time for no more affordable housing. It's obvious where the crime is being comitted and it is where housing is cheap.

    1. i live there now.

      I live a few houses away from where this shooting happen. I’m tired of seeing these young strong healthy guys standing outside morning noon and night. Every home owner that lives here can show you the 5 problem properties that have been here for years. These houses that rent out to section 8 tenants are always a problem, get rid of the section 8 families that had the cops called on them 3 time a month, and watch my neighborhood flourish.

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