Chicago police say a 51-year-old Evanston man is hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot as he tried to rob an 80-year-old Chicago man during a home invasion.

Mansfield Wallace, of the 200 block of Richmond in Evanston, has been charged with home invasion causing injury and aggravated battery causing great bodily harm.

Police say the victim of the home invasion in the 8500 block of West Catherine Avenue was beaten by Wallace during the Monday attack and is also hospitalized in critical condition.

But the victim, a FOID card holder, managed to fire a shot that struck Wallace.

Police say Wallace, and his 31-year-old female accomplice, Tabitha Hemphill of Chicago, then fled the home and drove to Resurrection Hospital where they were taken into custody and charged. They were scheduled to appear in bond court Wednesday.

Three years ago Wallace was arrested in Wilmette after he allegedly fled the scene of a retail theft and caused a multi-vehicle crash in a stolen car.

At the time of that incident Wallace was on parole following a 2018 theft conviction.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. These two people knocked on my front door last November on a Sunday night around 8:30pm. They told me that they were neighbors from the corner (they pointed down my street) who needed my help. I didn’t open the door fully since I didn’t recognize them and asked them to clarify the corner. I knew already who lived in the place they were claiming(“No, you don’t live there”) and told them so. After less than a minute, I shut the door, my dog was going crazy and we stared at each other through the door glass. The guy was giving me a really hard time over my refusal to “help” them.
    They eventually left.

    There is a lesson here I suppose.

    1. That’s terrifying – how do you know it was these same two people? I haven’t seen a picture of them but I live in Evanston and want to know if they looked familiar. I hope they lock them both up for a long time. Just curious, did you call the police?

      1. I didn’t call the police because no crime occurred.
        Evanston Now didn’t really publish much useful info about the crime itself except for the sensational outcome (robber shot!) but if you click on the links you can find booking photos of the woman: Tabitha Hemphill.
        She’s distinctive looking and very short. I really remember her.

        It would be helpful to know how the robbers got into the victim’s house.
        Did they break down the door? Did knock first and talk their way in?
        What actually happened?
        Home Invasion is the conclusion but how did it start?
        In my case, they just walked up to my door, my dog started barking, I investigated, the three of us had a discussion and they left.
        They never even knocked or rang my door bell. The guy was scrolling his phone as he talked. He was annoyed that I didn’t “help” him, a supposed “neighbor.” I asked him some questions and he was jerk in response.
        No “invasion.”
        No weapons drawn.
        No shots were fired.
        I guess that my common sense and my dog saved me.

  2. WHY was this person out on parole with the nature of his multiple prior arrests? I’m an Evanston resident, in favor of police reforms, background checks AND the assault weapons ban but whatever policies are letting folks with this kind of record out of jail are RIDICULOUS and RECKLESS. Thank God the 80 year old victim wasn’t killed and was able to defend himself.

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