Evanston police are investigating a shooting in the 1800 block of Brown Avenue that occurred about 6:15 this evening and left a 19-year-old victim dead.

Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott says officers responded to several calls about shots fired and discovered the victim lying on the parkway. Fire paramedics transported him to Evanston Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The medical examiner’s office identified the victim as Justin Murray, who lived on the block where he was shot. Police say Murray had attended Evanston Township High School, but they weren’t sure whether he had graduated.

Parrott says no suspects are in custody and anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the police department at 847-866-5000.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Another tragic loss of life

    Another tragic loss of life in Evanston due to gun violence.  If only the gun buyback program had been last weekend instead of this coming weekend, weapons like this one could have been off the streets.

    1. You’e kidding

      You're kidding, right? Please tell me that you are. If not, then I'm very scared about the level of delusion in this town.

      1. Delusion

        Be scared.  After all, this is Evanston.  The Liberal haven of the Midwest where delusion reigns supreme, reality takes a back seat.

  2. Not true

    Unfortunately the people using these weapons will not be taking them to the buyback program.  $100 dollars to these people, means nothing.  They can break into someones house or rob them at gun point and get more than $100.

    1. $100 is too little anyway

      Almost any functional gun is worth more than $100, so even people not inclined to "use these weapons" would be rational not to take part in the buyback.

      There are several reasons buybacks don't work (unless the purpose is to collect scrap metal), but if you're going to do one, at least offer people fair market value for the weapons.

  3. Okay Mayor Tisdahl

    Okay Mayor Tisdahl, let's do something.  Take the lead.  AND People just put your guns away and go home. 

  4. Time for the community to take action

    What else do you want Mayor Tisdahl to do? I have talked with her about this issue and she is very concerned about the health and welfare of each and every citizen in Evanston. While i don't think the gun buy back program is the panacea to this problem, it's an attempt and a message to the community that the City of Evanston wants to end this senseless violence.

    Call Mayor Tisdahl @ (847) 866-2979 and give her your specific plan that will address this issue.

    I'm sure she'd implement it quickly if it truly would help.

    The Mayor, the police, and "the government" can only do so much, it's time for community members and neighbors to say enough is enough.

    1. Tisdahl

      Elizabeth Beidler Tisdahl has no leadeship experience, she has no vision, she has no plan, she's just a worn out trust fund lumber heiress who bought her way into politics through the Democratic party with campaign contributions.

    2. Government can only do so much

      Funny post particularly on an Evanston board – "the Government can only do so much."

      Oh… but I thought the Government was the solution to all our problems and could do much more! Isn't this what all you Evanston Libs think?  Barry thinks so.

  5. It’s interesting that people

    It's interesting that people want to blame the Mayor for the shooting in September and now this shooting.  As Thomas Paine said what else do you want her to do!?  She is clearly interested in what is taking place in the community and that was obvious from the violence meeting she held after the September shooting.  And the gun buyback program that she is supporting.  Instead of criticizing and being negative why not give suggestions on how we as a community can work on this problem.  Violence and crime is everywhere it is not totally going to end unfortunately, but the more that people try to place blame on others there will never be a positive start to a solution.  I believe much of the problem is with parents.  There seems to be a lack of parenting with some of the youth.  Parents have to start teaching their children to respect themselves/others and stop trying to be their child's friend.  Bottom line stop blaming the Mayor and the Alderman and the police and try working with them.

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