Police release tape of search for burglary suspect


Evanston police this afternoon released a tape of the 911 call and police radio traffic from the search for burglary suspect last week that led to complaints from the parents of a 13-year-old youth briefly detained by officers as a suspect.

The tape runs about 15 minutes, starting with the initial 911 call from the burglary victim in the 1600 block of Seward Street, through the by officers of two youths at different nearby locations that officers believed matched the burglar's description, through their release a few minutes later after the victim, driven to the locations where the two youths had been detained, said neither one of them was actually the burglar.

Some identifying information about the victim has been removed from the tape by the police department.

Police radio audio regarding 8/30/12 burglary in 1600 block of Seward.

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