Evanston police today released a video they believe shows the man who robbed the Diadem Jewelers store at 1613 Sherman Ave. Tuesday morning.

Police say the clerk in the store told them that a man entered the shop, brandished a handgon and announced the robbery.

The robber then used flexible plastic bindings to tie the clerk’s hands  and grabbed jewelry from display cases, putting the items into a gym bag and backpack.

He then fled the store through a rear door, fleeing the area on foot.

Police Cmdr. Tom Guenther asks that anyone with information about the identity of the suspect contact the Evanston Police Department Detective Bureau at 847-866-5040. 

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Should be able to sharpen the picture

    Someone with decent drawing skills [I'd think the police would have an ID person who could even do sketches] could hand, if not computer, refine the details of the picture to make much more recognizeable.  If not surely some resident has the necessary skills.

    The photo is decent but the minds eye may fail to recognize the person when trying to correct for the blurs.

    Also it would help the store owner compare to ETHS data base of former students—surely they if not the police keep those.  $20(?) per year book seems like a small price for EPL to pay for a data base.

  2. Sophisticated software would

    sophisticated software would be required to match ETHS photos to grainy images like this But beyond that– I think the solid majority of violent crime of late has been committed by Chicago perps, not ETHS dropouts. This will probably turn out to be no different.

    1. Catching Criminals

      1. Yes probably the thief is from outside of Evanston.

      2. The software may be sophisticated [and expensive] but we do have NU which probably already has the necessary software and faculty/students who are or could be shortly able to use the software and mathematics to do the analysis.  Once again the city avoids using NU as paid consultants many smaller cities than Evanston already have arrangements with consultants and universities to do such if not have their own software and experts [though shared].. [The deconvoluation software is commercially available]. 

      3. I don't know what modern technology and experts the EPD currently has but in this electronic age, I hope more than we see evidence of.

      4. A simple step with little or no software, is to have an artist hand [or computer enhanced] sharpen the details of the photo.  If Evanston does not have the resources, NU must or use the Chicago sketch artists that do the more difficult job of turning witness's descriptions into posters.

    2. Identify Criminals

      If the Evanston police do not have the technology and personnel [at least artists]—or share with regional police forces— to enhance the picture which is fairly good and up-close, how will they be able to identify criminals from the [long promised] cameras to be mounted around town that I assume will not produce nearly as good a picture?  Of course they have to be pointed at the right spot, not vandalized, turned on and of course criminals will go where there are no cameras !

      How or how well does the Chicago police department enhance pictures from their mounted cameras—on poles or stores ?  I note they [o Oak Park police] were even able to produce an artists rendering of the Oak Park assailant. 


      1. Example: an NU prof who would be able to do this

        I have no idea if Aggelos Katsaggelos  [or his students] at NU would be interested improving the photo/film of criminals but the expertise does exist within our city limits.  If the council could get over their antagonism towards NU,, maybe we can get some of the necessary things done and for a more reasonable cost than hiring consultants [or saying expertise does not exist so do nothing] for other states.

        There are probably others at NU who could also improve photos/film and many other things.

        1. As we circle the drain …

          Absolutely! Northwestern is a treasure in our midst. Mayor Tisdahl and Morty Shapiro teamed on some fun town-gown PR last fall, and now everyone could benefit from their collaboration on more serious matters. I bet all she has to do is ask, and the City of Evanston could have Kellogg crisis management teams, marketing and branding classes, and economic development MBA candidates; Medill communications students; and CAS sociology and psychology undergrads devoting class, project and maybe even thesis time to helping Evanston out of the deepening hole we are in. If city structure precludes our having a professional mayor and city council, then at least can we borrow some of the professionalism from down the street?

          1. Getting NU involved

            That has been suggested many times.  The U of C does it all the time. Runs several charter schools.

          2. Morty will take it from there

            Yes, the resources of Northwestern have been suggested before, as have other solutions that never come to fruition. I'm saying pick up the phone and call Morty NOW, before it's too late.

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