Police safety campaign cites over 100 violators

Evanston police say they cited more than 100 violations during a holiday-season traffic safety enforcement campaign funded by a grant from the state Department of Transportation.

The campaign, which ran from December 17 through New Years Day, targeted high accident areas throughout the city.

It resulted in 61 citations for seat belt violations; one arrest for suspended/revoked drivers license; seven citations for not carrying a drivers license; 20 citations for uninsured motorists; and 26 citations for other traffic violations.

The Evanston Police Department reminds vehicle operators that driving the posted speed limit and wearing seat belts are a winning combination in the reduction of traffic crashes and injuries.

Other enforcement campaigns will be scheduled for upcoming holidays. The purpose of these campaigns is to reduce the incident of motor vehicles crashes and resulting injuries and fatalities through increased highly visible enforcement mobilizations.

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