Evanston police Monday evening arrested a 19-year-old Skokie man who they say was carrying a loaded semi-automatic handgun on Howard Street.

Cmdr. Joseph Dugan says officers on targeted patrol in the 700 block of Howard shortly after 7 p.m. spotted 19-year-old Kenneth E. Campbell, a known gang member, holding a bulky object near his waistband that was covered by his shirt.

Dugan says that as officers got out of their car to talk to Campbell, he fled on foot westbound while holding his waistband.

Dugan says that Campbell pulled the handgun out from under his shirt and tried to disgard it as he fled to the rear entrance of a business on the block, but the officers were able to take him into custody and retrieve gun, a loaded Canik 9mm semi-automatic.

Campbell, of 7840 Lamon in Skokie, now has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, defacing identification marks on a firearm, not having a valid firearm owner’s identification card, unlawful possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia and disobedience to police.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Just turning his life around?

    Oh come on. He was just turning his life around. Nice job EPD keep up the great work and get these scumbags off the street. 

  2. More kids with guns
    We are seeing too many examples of kids with guns.

    What needs to happen before this changes?
    How many more people need to be shot, how many more people need
    to be killed? How many more vigils do we need to attend?


    1. kids and guns
      Unfortunately, there is no real way to “unteach” stupidity. Lack of parenting here??? Bad genes? Lack of grey matter in the attic? What don’t kids…(and adults) understand about being a moron when it comes to this??? Hard to believe there are that many idiots running around…including child predators, bullies, etc……

    2. he’s not a kid
      He’s a grown adult making adult choices. He invested in a gun as tool of his trade, but neglected to invest in a good holster. Who says criminals are bright?

      Your attending a vigil doesn’t make a difference.

      1. Promote and Subsidize Eqitable Holster Opprotunity
        How long until city council begins providing holsters for underprivileged youth?

  3. Great work by EPD in the last

    Great work by EPD in the last week by interdicting and preventing shooting injury or death. This is outstanding proactive rather than reactive policing. 

  4. Lives in Skokie now but grew up in Evanston

    This young man lives in Skokie but he went to middle school and high school here in Evanston. People who knew him then say that he was a good kid but there may have been problems with his family life.

    Has anyone ever studied "known gang members" who grew up in Evanston and other similarly-situated kids who grew up here but did not join gangs to find common themes and issues?

    For example, how many of them participated in at least one after school activity in middle school or high school?  Does greater involvement in some or all of these after school activities mean someone is less likely to join a gang?  Does interaction with certain teachers make it less likely that a student will wind up in a gang?

    Same questions for City of Evanston programs.  Look at sports, music, art and any recreational programs–any program run by the city or that gets money from the city.

    There is a lot of data in the hands of the schools and the city.  Can they start using it to see if there are trends that could help schools guide students to certain activities, programs or even people that/who have a track record of keeping kids out of gangs?  

    This kind of study would help us understand where we should spend money and where that money is not helping achieve the goal of keeping kids out of gangs.

    1. gangs, etc
      Let’s bring back the Boys and Girls clubs….good programs! Let’s teach kids..(should start within the home, but most likely, doesn’t) responsibility, common sense, and a sense of belonging to something of value. Gangs are like cults…..looking for people who feel empty, and offering them a false sense of a group who cares. LOTS of stupid people out there, unfortunately……and GULLIBLE. Joining a gang also promises wealth, drugs, popularity, etc. No goals for the empty-headed people, for sure. Would a rec. program help??? Maybe a little, but it needs to be ongoing, and run by people who care and commit themselves to the kids, and provide goals and a sense of accomplishment.

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