Police warn against funny money


Evanston police say they've received an increase in reports of counterfeit money being passed to local businesses.

The federal government in recent years has redesigned U.S. currency to make it more difficult to counterfeit, most recently updating the $100 bill, and guides to recognizing the security features in the new bills in all common denominations are available online from a government website and as a .pdf file.

Evanston police say people trying to pass counterfeit money very often use fake $20 bills, offering them in payment for small purchases with the goal of receiving legitimate currency as change. The $20s relatively modest value often does not raise suspicion.

Anyone in Evanston who believes they have received counterfeit U.S. currency can call the Evanston police at 847-866-5000 or the Secret Service office in Chicago at (312) 353-5431.

The Evanston Police Department will respond to local businesses that believe they have received counterfeit U.S. currency. A call to police while the suspect is on scene is always the best approach in developing leads for catching counterfeiters.

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