Poll: Can cats read?


Ever notice those signs in parks around Evanston that read "No dogs or cats unless on leash"?

Yes, friends, our city fathers back in 1980 figured you could get your typical cat to walk on a leash.

Or they figured unleashed cats could read and would stay out of parks on their own.

Or they figured dogs and cats are alike and it would be discriminatory to treat them differently.

Or they saw city parks overrun by unleashed cats and felt they had to do something.

Or the animal wardens didn't have enough to do and could be counted on to chase unleashed cats out of parks.

And in 2008 the aldermen amended this section of the city code and left the ban on unleashed cats in place.

What do you think?

Here's the law

9-4-7 (D) It shall be unlawful for any dog or cat, unless on leash, to go or be upon any public playground or public park within the City or upon a path or sidewalk through or within any public park or playground within the City.

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