Poll: Dinges in lead for mayor

The results of a week-long online poll show Barnaby Dinges with a substantial lead in the four-way race to be Evanston’s next mayor.

The Evanston Now poll results show Dinges with 40 percent of the 289 votes cast. Elizabeth Tisdahl was second with 21 percent, Stuart Opdycke was third with 10 percent and Jeanne Lindwall was fourth with 3 percent.

With more than a month left to go before the April 7 election, 25 percent said they were still undecided.

Results of online polls should be viewed with great caution, because those voting are a self-selected sample who may not represent the populace at large.

However, two prior Evanston Now polls on election issues correctly predicted the outcome of referendum questions on raising the real estate transfer tax to fund affordable housing in 2006 and to fund public safety pensions in 2008.

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