With Evanston aldermen chewing on the issue of whether the city needs a tougher dangerous dog ordinance, today’s poll asks whether you feel threatened by dogs in your everyday life.

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Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Dangerous people

    Evanston definitely has a dangerous people problem. But, most people don't want to talk about it. What can be done about it? I really like a lot about Evanston. But, I absolutely HATE the fact that there is so much crime. I HATE the fact that some of this crime takes place in and around ETHS. I HATE the fact that it seems to be getting worse. Let's make reducing crime the top priority. Is there a legal way to drive out the dangerous people? Can we find a way to make their lives in Evanston so unbearable that they up and leave?

    1. Dangerous people by far

      dangerous people by far should be our priority.

      and it seems the dangerous people are the ones who keep the dangerous dogs in my opinion.

      crime crack down in general !!!

    2. Dangerous People at ETHS

      Had we known about all the hushed-up gang and related crime problems at and around ETHS, we would never have sent our teens there. That place is a cesspool of danger. Keep your kids out! …they won't admit to all the horrors of life at ETHS until they escape and go to college and finally realize how bad it was and that it isn't like that everywhere. Dealing with the administration only made things worse because they, too, came to accept it as normal. They were afraid of losing their jobs if they tried to do anything about it.

      1. ETHS?

        I'm surprised at the characterization of the high school as "a cesspool of danger". What was hushed up? What related crime problems exist around ETHS that caused your children to have "horrors of life"? Being a former student, I remember most of the actual crime was committed in the same manner as it is committed around Fremd or Conant where my cousins attended – bored teenagers who don't have good parents.  

        1. The real deal

          I've heard differing opinions about the modern ETHS experience. Some good. Some not so good. Can someone chime in here with an unemotional, objective opinion of it if that's possible?

          I know the surrounding neighborhood is one of the worst in town. I see the police reports and have seen drug deals go down in broad daylight on Dodge. I also know that crime happens in the school (stolen cell phones and what not, but haven't heard of any violence). Whether or not I stay in Evanston and send my kids there hinges on my feeling that they will be completely safe there.

          1. The Real Deal?

            Here's the real deal: 3,000 kids from this town go to ETHS. Most of them are pretty good kids. Most of them are there to get an education. Many of them are doing remarkable things, both in school and outside of school. Most of them like going to school there.

            Just as we have bad citizens in Evanston, so we have bad citizens at ETHS. Yes, there are people who use drugs or cut class or get in fights. In our family's experience so far, those who misbehave don't impose their mayhem on those who don't, other than the theft issue. But we have theft even in our decent, quiet neighborhood, so I'm not surprised there is theft in the high school.

            Those who are smart about keeping their stuff safe have a better chance of … keeping their stuff.

  2. Unleashed dogs

    It is my thought that there are too many dog owners who allow their dogs to be unleashed within our community. Uncontrolled dogs within our community are dangerous for humans and other dogs.

    EPD needs to be strict about dogs being unleashed within the public community; and, the fine for unleashed dogs should be made higher.

  3. Dangerous Dog Problem

    Evanston doesn't have a dangerous dog problem.  Evanston has a dangerous cyclist problem that's much larger than a dog problem.  Bicyclists speed through stop signs, ride up on the right just when a car is about to make a right turn and are just plain rude, inconsiderate and ignorant.

    Dogs can be controlled with a leash and the right training.  How do you control dangerous bike riders?  I feel that we would have a good revenue enhancing thing  if Evanston really enforced the traffic laws on the bicyclists.

    1. Yes, dogs CAN be controlled …

      …  but too often they are not.  Last summer I was out for a run when a leashed dog lunged at me even though I had run far wide of the sidewalk to pass it.  Clamped down on my calf enough to create several puncture wounds that resulted in a trip to the ER.  The owner's reaction?  "Ooooh, it is just not like my dog to do this– you must have scared it".  I then learned that this dog has also bitten a neighbor and that it chases and has bitten several of those 'dangerous' bicyclists.  So yes, they can be controlled, but the owners sometimes can't be.  A law like this would put irresponsible dog owners on notice, and I support it.

  4. Dangerous Dogs

    Dangerous dogs in Evanston? My heavens, yes! Why just yesterday I had to walk rather gingerly around a capricious looking dachshund near Church and Maple. Imagine my horror as I nearly dropped my edible arrangement.

  5. Dangerous dogs

    Seems like every other kid I look at in E town is wearing a white t shirt, sagging their drawers and is being lead by a pit bull on a German collar. Is this a coincidence? Pretty tough looking demeanor, but what about the scared kid it masks? Are we seeing an up surge in dog fighting? Then let's sit on those involved and run 'em out of town. Nail the gangs if they are behind it. Is there an upsurge in dog attacks? Then absolutely confiscate the animals and make arrests, Fines imposed on parents for not monitoring their kids activities seem more in order than a stiff licensing fee for certain breeds.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with

      I couldn't agree more with the comment above. However, not every bad dog is accompanied by a gang member. It is definately the handlers issue, but when these dogs do get in the wrong hands, this is the what occurs….


  6. Bad dogs in Evanston

    I don't think the dogs are bad in e-town, but, rather,

    the dog owner's who condone the crazy behavior…

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