New York City’s Board of Health, at the behest of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is considering banning the sale of jumbo-size sodas. Do you think Evanston should do the same?

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  1. Ninny

    Here the Dems go again with their nanny-state tactics. God, I hope they lose in November!!!

    1. Nope not just them dems

      Really, does it come down to Dems for you? Mind you that stupid ideas like this don't come from the general population. This stuff come from interest groups like Insurance Companies who want to control the cost of their coverage. I will tell you that there are as many fat Dem's as Replub's in the world who want their 54 ounce big gulps as much as the next guy.


  2. Curmudgeon…

    you do realize that Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican?

    It's a good thing your blind rage doesn't interfere with your view of reality.

    1. Independent

      That's incorrect. Bloomberg is an independent. He has been so for several years. Plus, he was a democrat before he became a RINO.

    2. Bloomberg is an independent

      Mayor Bloomberg is an independent.

      He was a lifelong Democrat up until 2001. Then he decided to run for mayor, preceding Republican Guiliani, so he ran on the Republican ticket in 2001. Then when the political wheels of fortune changed he became an independent in 2007. In 2008, Bloomberg extended the city's term limits and ran for a third time as mayor on the independent ticket.

      Bloomberg is considered a liberal, supporting abortion rights, gay marriage, gun control and amnesty for illegal immigrants. As we now know, he supports banning 16 ounce sodas, juices, sweetened coffee, milkshakes and popcorn and decriminalizing marijuana.

      Bloomberg is no Republican.





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