Pols back Gong-Gershowitz


The closing days of the Democratic primary campaign for the State House seat representing northwest Evanston have seen a flood of funds from political incumbents flow to candidate Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz.

Committees controlled by seven Democratic state representatives poured in $359,400 just last Tuesday and committees controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan contributed more than $22,000 so far this month.

Reports filed with the state Board of Elections show that so far this month Gong-Gershowitz has received funds from eight state representative other than Madigan. Those generous eight are:

  • Gregory Harris (D-Chicago) $55,000,
  • Lou Lang (D-Skokie) $57,954,
  • Robert Martwick (D-Norridge) $55,000,
  • Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) $55,000,
  • Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) $35,000,
  • Silvana Tabares (D-Chicago) $35,000, 
  • Emanuel “Chris” Welch (D-Westchester) $55,400,
  • Kathleen Willis (D-Addison) $55,000.

Gong-Gershowitz this month has also received $2,500 from the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, $3,500 from the Realtor PAC, $6,500 from Democrats of Northfield Township and $3,606.66 from the pro-choice Personal PAC.

Fundraising this month by the other four Democrats in the race has been much more modest.

Mary Rita Luecke of Skokie, a former School District 65 board member, has reported raising $27,500 — all but $1,000 of it from the political action committee of the Illinois Education Association, which has endorsed her.

Candance Chow, a current District 65 board member, reports raising $15,593.17 from nine donors. One of her larger contributions was $3,000 from a committee controlled by Evanston Democratic Committeeman Eamon Kelly.

Pete Dagher of Skokie reports receiving one contribution of $2,000 so far this month, and Alexandra Eidenberg of Wilmette has reported no contributions so far this month.

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