The closing days of the Democratic primary campaign for the State House seat representing northwest Evanston have seen a flood of funds from political incumbents flow to candidate Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz.

Committees controlled by seven Democratic state representatives poured in $359,400 just last Tuesday and committees controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan contributed more than $22,000 so far this month.

Reports filed with the state Board of Elections show that so far this month Gong-Gershowitz has received funds from eight state representative other than Madigan. Those generous eight are:

  • Gregory Harris (D-Chicago) $55,000,
  • Lou Lang (D-Skokie) $57,954,
  • Robert Martwick (D-Norridge) $55,000,
  • Marty Moylan (D-Des Plaines) $55,000,
  • Michelle Mussman (D-Schaumburg) $35,000,
  • Silvana Tabares (D-Chicago) $35,000, 
  • Emanuel “Chris” Welch (D-Westchester) $55,400,
  • Kathleen Willis (D-Addison) $55,000.

Gong-Gershowitz this month has also received $2,500 from the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, $3,500 from the Realtor PAC, $6,500 from Democrats of Northfield Township and $3,606.66 from the pro-choice Personal PAC.

Fundraising this month by the other four Democrats in the race has been much more modest.

Mary Rita Luecke of Skokie, a former School District 65 board member, has reported raising $27,500 — all but $1,000 of it from the political action committee of the Illinois Education Association, which has endorsed her.

Candance Chow, a current District 65 board member, reports raising $15,593.17 from nine donors. One of her larger contributions was $3,000 from a committee controlled by Evanston Democratic Committeeman Eamon Kelly.

Pete Dagher of Skokie reports receiving one contribution of $2,000 so far this month, and Alexandra Eidenberg of Wilmette has reported no contributions so far this month.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Voters Need to Follow Gong-Gershowitz’s “Money Trail”
    In addition to Jen Gong-Gershowitz’s misleading and negative advertising campaign, a new controversy has surfaced over the sources of her funding which demands examination by voters. Voter concerns about Gong-Gershowitz’s independence are validated by this “Money Trail.”

    Campaign filings show that as of March 17th, Gong-Gershowitz raised over $700,000, an astounding sum for a State Representative primary.
    Interestingly, it appears that only a very small amount of total funds raised, 3% or $23,000, is from individuals residing in the 17th District.

    Almost $100,000 comes from Mike Madigan controlled organizations, namely the “Democratic Majority” and “Friends of Michael Madigan.”

    Most concerning, however, is the $400,000 donated from the campaign committees of current State Representatives. Significantly, $359,400 or 90% of these donations, was received on a single day (March 13th), a week before the election. Why are these Representatives from other Districts funneling large amounts of money into the 17th District primary race? This appears to be a coordinated effort orchestrated by the leaders of the state party to select the Democratic candidate for our district. A fair question to ask is, “what will Jen Gong-Gershowitz owe these other Representatives and Michael Madigan?”

    Twenty Political Action Committees donated $93,000.

    Individual contributions total about $145,000, but “Out of State” contributions comprised $60,000 and “Out of District” Illinois contributions were $63,000. Only $22,000 or 3% of total funds was received from 17th District residents, people whom Gong-Gershowitz would supposedly represent, if elected.

    Voters should be concerned that Gong-Gershowitz will be beholden to Mike Madigan and her State Representative colleagues and not voters in the 17th District. Voters should know how much money Gong-Gershowitz is spending on her campaign, and the sources of this funding.

    Data from Illinois State Board of Elections website: (as of 3/17/2018)

    1. These are all Madigan allies

      These are all Madigan allies behind the grotesque “Chow supports Trump and Rainer” lies. Gong-Gershon Itzhak is dishonest, and paid well for it.

      1. It was a freakish spellcheck

        It was a freakish spellcheck that made Gershowitz into Gershon Itzhak. My tablet makes strange changes  

  2. Machine candidate
    She came to my door and I spoke with her. When I made a negative comment about Madigan she gave me a disapproving look. That stuck with me. If you like Madigan, vote for her. If not, I suggest you stay away from her.

  3. Money Flow Continues
    Another $2,900 contributed yesterday to Jen Gong Gershowitz campaign from “Friends of Mike Madigan”. Total now is $101,000 from “Friends of Mike Madigan” and “Democratic Majority” (another MJM controlled organization) to JGG campaign.

  4. All Democrat candidates support Madigan
    It’s funny watching Democratic candidates and their supporters blame each other for being Madigan cronies.

    The fact is EVERY candidate with a D next to their name is Madigan supporter. Period.

    Wanna fight Madigan. Vote and support Republican candidates. It’s that simple

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