Probe continues of alleged employee pilfering at ETHS


Evanston police say they they've been contacted by at least two student victims as officers investigate reports that school employees may have been involved in stealing from student lockers at Evanston Township High School.

But Cmdr. Joseph Dugan says it's not clear whether either of those students were involved in shooting a video that has surfaced online that appears to show a school worker rifling through a locker. (In the still image above from the video we've obscured the face of the person shown, because no charges have been filed against anyone in the case.)

Dugan says that for police to be able to file charges based on the video, it will be critical to have the person who shot it available to testify in court regarding its origin and validity.

School officials were not immediately available this morning to respond to questions about whether any internal disciplinary action has been taken against any employee as a result of the situation.

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