Put a freeze on vital information


The Evanston Fire Department is encouraging residents to store vital information about medical conditions in the freezer compartment of your home refrigerator.

Firefighter Tim Gobat told residents at last week’s 2nd Ward meeting that that’s where paramedics are trained to look for the vital information when they arrive at a home and find a person unconscious and unable to respond to questions.

Tim Gobat.

Special forms, with the labeling shown above and a plastic pouch to store it in, are available at the Levy Senior Center, 300 Dodge Ave., at fire headquarters at 909 Lake St. and at all five Evanston fire stations.

You can also download a version of the form online and provide your own freezer bag.

Gobat says the bag can also be used to hold additional information like a power of attorney, living will and a do not resuscitate order.

Gobat says the File of L.I.F.E., an acronym for Lifesaving Information for Emergencies, is a nationally-recognized program that’s sponsored locally by the Evanston Police and Fire Foundation.

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