Aldermen wearing their Auburn jerseys.

The Evanston City Council adopted amendments to its green building ordinance tonight, and paid off on a bet with the mayor of Auburn, Ala. Here’s a recap of our live coverage.

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, dressed in her Auburn jersey, checks her computer before the City Council meeting.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Is this a joke?
    Given the city of Evanston’s admitted lack of enforcement of its own existing ordinances–such as the one against engine idling and the use of gas powered leaf blowers–I don’t see this having much of an impact

  2. 75 thousand?
    The Daily Northwestern reports:

    “Both Grover and Bobkiewicz said they have been inundated with letters from concerned members of the community who do not want to see the branch libraries shut down.
    Grover said she recognizes the important position the branch libraries hold in the Evanston community.

    “Seventy-five thousand people found their way to the North Branch library in 2009,” she said. “That’s a lot of foot traffic on Central Street, and my primary concern is not the hardship for the patrons of the branch libraries, but the implications of it’s closing for the local businesses.”
    Full article here.

    One person has already questioned this 75,000 figure. Can anyone tell me if Alderman Grover was quoted correctly?

    I find it hard to believe 75000 people visited the North Branch in a year. Even 75000 visits seems hard to believe – if the place is open 250 days a year, that would be 300 people visiting every day – the place never seems that crowded.

    Enquiring Minds want to know.

    Working on getting more data about library usage. Hope to have it within a couple of days.
    — Bill

  3. First Have the City Re-cycle
    Despite all the ‘grand plans’ the Council cannot even provide re-cycle bins downtown, other shopping districts or even at City Hall—look at all the cans and bottles on the front lawn and even more so along Asbury.
    If even the über-liberal Kennedy clan fights to keep wind power out of the far shores of their resorts, can you imagine what it will be like in Evanston to get any windpower or even solar panels—the liberals will start whole movements to protest the despoiling of some imagined view they think they now have or noise or some pseudo-claim they invent.

  4. No Cost Changes to Become Greener
    If Evanston wants to be green, it should ban wood burning fires and require thermostats be turned down in public buildings.

    Wood burning fireplaces waste fuel, spread disease, and pollute the air:
    – They waste fuel as they suck warm air out of the room and up the chimney.
    – The “imported” wood helps spread disease. Trucks from Missouri and elsewhere regularly cruise the city to deliver wood. Why are we wasting money to stop Dutch Elm Disease, if we keep bringing in Elm wood from elsewhere? Other cities forbid it.
    – WB fires emit particles (PM xx) that foul the air. See the San Francisco and many other communities’ ordinances.

    Further, people should be encouraged to turn down their thermostats. It’ll save money and reduce pollution. Plus, people will be a lot healthier; the cooler air is naturally more humid.

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