Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky got a warm welcome from Evanston Democrats gathered at the Firehouse Grill this evening. Here’s a recap of our live coverage of the the gathering to learn the results of today’s mid-term election.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky got a warm welcome from Evanston Democrats gathered at the Firehouse Grill this evening. Here’s a recap of our live coverage of the the gathering to learn the results of today’s mid-term election.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. So long

    Good riddance to Joel Pollak, one of the slimiest characters to crawl out from under a rock in Illinois in years.

    And that’s sayin’ somethin’.

    1. Amen to that

      Good riddance to Joel Pollak, one of the slimiest characters to crawl out from under a rock in Illinois in years.


      Anonymous, you beat me to it.  Seeing Russ Feingold’s apparent loss in Wisconsin has really saddened me…I haven’t been so depressed since that dark night in 1980 when we lost Birch Bayh, Frank Church, and George McGovern….and we got Al D’Amato and Arlen Specter.  

      The only ray of sunshine so far is seeing Joel get crushed.  It looks like he hasn’t done any better than Jan’s previous no-name opponents.  His campaign really was mean, vicious, and nasty.

      The 9th CD has rejected the politics of  Breitbart and Pam Geller and Joel Pollak.

      1. Yeah, but…

        "The 9th CD has rejected the politics of Breitbart and Pam geller and Joel Pollak."

        Yeah, but the country has rejected the politics and policies of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party.

      2. Amen to what?


        What about Jan’s efforts with the campaign against St. Francis by her union satraps?

        Or her partner who is an expert in check kiting?

        Keep your rubber boots on.


      3. Crushed is relative

        Crushed is relative.  For someone who enjoys 3:1 margins only winning 2:1 doesn’t impress me.  Compare how much money she spent this cycle to previous races.  Instead of helping Seals and Bean she had a genuine scare and had to pour all of her resources in to maintaining her own victory margin.  Both candidates acted like children along the way: crashing Pollak’s fundraisers, sending plants to his townhall meetings, expletive-laced tweeting and name-calling towards Republicans.  Pollack was mean and nasty but democrats didn’t rise above it.  It’s really a sad state of affairs.

  2. Re: so long

    Joel Pollak is a fine educated person with zero election baggage. The guy is just all around a great person. Your just an ignorant Liberal, make one point thats worth anyones time about Joel pollak being a slimy charactor?

    1. Joel Pollak is a neocon rightwing conspiracy theorist

      His inane rantings about Schakowsky’s husband running Obama’s health reform plan from prison proved just what a clueless fool he was and is.

      And his "cut big government" spiel was ironic given that he never meet a Middle East war he didn’t like. You want to talk about government waste? We flushed thousands of lives and a TRILLION dollars down the rathole that is Iraq and Joel was all gung ho in favor of it.

      And he’s desperate for the U.S. to get into Iran.

      Note to Joel: If you’re so gung ho on military adventurism, put your money where your mouth is and join the military.

      But, please, Joel, quit spouting off about "wasteful governent spending" when you back one of the biggest wastes of government spending ever: the war in Iraq.

      What a cowardly hypocrite.

      1. Hiring?

        Hey all you libs and Dems on this thread – I think MSNBC is hiring.  You may find a more congenial reception over there.

        Character assassinations help no one, especially after the fact.

        Things have changed.  Deal with it. 

          1. On the contrary…

            Not angry at all.

            I just believe that if a candidate wants to rail against "government waste," then the candidate should decry the biggest example of government waste in the last 40 years: the war in Iraq.

            A trillion dollars gone. Yet Joel wholeheartedly backs that example of needless government spending, and, in fact, encourages more just like it with intervention in Iran..

            He’s all for (extremely) costly military adventurism while decrying "government waste" over and over.

            There’s a certain irony in that.

            Makes me laugh, actually.

            So, no, I’m not angry.

            I do think that since he seems to believe so strongly in fighting more wars, he should enlist. It only makes sense, given his oft-repeated commitment to sacrificing American blood and treasure in additional Middle East conflicts.

            He’s not too elitist to join the infantry, is he? He lookas as healthy as an ox!

          2. Government Waste

            Ok, good.  I am glad you are not angry. 

            I was.

            And I voted accordingly yesterday based on this administration’s actions over the last 2 years.

            While the results were excellent here in IL (i.e. Kirk, Dold, et al), I never expected Pollack to win in such an entrenched Democratic district.

            What I did expect is that the candidate bashing and character assassination would stop, especially after the election. .

            I pitty those that feel like they need to continue to attack  him even though the election is over.

            They say there are sore losers.  But there are also really bad winners.

            Simple as that.    

            Take care.

          3. Tell that to your buddy

            He’s still busy with his character assassination. He is all set to file all kinds of ethics charges because he claims Schakowsky was electioneering in polling places.

            Hey, Joel, you lost. Bad.. Pounded into the pavement. It’s over.

            Talk about a sore loser. Doesn’t he have better things to do with his time, like enlist in the military and go fight another war or something?

          4. Thanks

            Relish your win locally, Dems have done a great job holding IL and this district, etc. 

            Just have some class along the way.

          5. Good riddance, Pollak

            Yeah, check out his Facebook page.  Almost every day, he issued a new fake ‘ethics charge’ or ‘corruption allegation’ or call for an investigation about one phony issue after another….and now that the election is over, he is still at it.

            In addition to attacking Michelle Obama for saying that restaurants should have healthy food, his other charges include "voter intimidation" because Jan gave a speech at a get out the vote rally where she said something like "we won’t go away from your doorstep until you vote"….another charge against Jan for "campaigning"  within 100 ft of a polling site  ( his evidence:  he saw her near the Skokie city hall polling site during early voting, talking to someone).   He even tried to file a charge against her with the House ethics committee – even though everyone knows that the Committee does not allow anyone to file charges in the sixty days right before the election.

            All of his charges are baseless, but he keeps soldiering on, inventing new charges every day.  He is like the Evanston NIMBYs who spend their time looking for petty  zoning or code violations.   We are lucky that he is not in a position of power, because he would spend all of his time "investigating" his political enemies.

            What was his most obnoxious act?  I think that the prize goes to the day he showed up at the dedication of the new Skokie police station, and put photos of it on his FB page.  What he neglected to mention was the statement  by  the Mayor of Skokie :

            “The grand opening of the new police station in the Village of Skokie was a great success with nearly 1,600 residents in attendance,” said Mayor Van Dusen. “The Village is especially grateful to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky for her attendance at the ceremony and for all of her hard work in securing $465,000 in funding for the new facility from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Administration.”

        1. Oh, or maybe you meant that

          … after getting thumped, Joel decided to put his money where his mouth is and enlist.

          You know, so he could fight in the next war he wants us to fight. He’s young enough and looks plenty strong!

          Wouldn’t that be patriotic of him? Because, after all, he is a Tea Party Patriot!

  3. Expect higher taxes and more spending

    All I can say is that government union employees are very happy with the victories of Schakowsky, Berrios, Gabel, Preckwinkle and probably Quinn.

    We will surely see higher taxes and fees and more borrowing to pay for the unsustainable union pension benefits. The state’s credit rating will worsen and jobs in the private sector will further erode.

    Just watch how Indiana improves its state economy with fiscal conservaties running the state.The good news is the Democrat party has weakened on the state and national level and it will continue that way for 2012. That will have an affect on the local Democrats who will raise more taxes and borrow more until… 

    It all has to start on the local level. Let’s get some fiscal conservatives on the City Council and school boards.

    BTW-one can question whether Joel Pollak is a loyal Republican since he voted for Gore, Kerry. Shakowsky and Obama as senator. Pollak said after college he was a "raving Democrat."

    Although Pollak was certainly a better choice than the long-term union activist senator Schakowsky, he wasn’t too convincing and certainly did not have the conservative background to convince moderate and independent voters who shifted rightward elsewhere.

    The red is slowly creeping in…. And I’m not talking about the deficit.


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