Report: Evanston ranked 31st as place to study tech

A new report from a publication called Computer Science Degree Hub ranks Evanston 31st in the nation as a place to study for a computer science or technology degree.

The ranking pegs Boston as the best place in the country to pursue such a degree — although the top two schools there — MIT and Harvard — are actually located across the Charles River in Cambridge, Mass.

The rankings consider both the caliber of the schools and the size of the technology job sector that's grown up in the area.

It ranks Pittsburgh in the number two spot, for being the home to Carnegie Mellon University, and Palo Alto, Calif. — home to Stanford University — as number three.

In the midwest it ranks higher than Evanston:

  • 4th — Champaign, Ill. for the University of Illinois.
  • 8th — Ann Arbor, Mich., for the University of Michigan.
  • 11th — West Lafayette, Ind., for Purdue.
  • 14th — Madison, Wis, for the University of Wisconsin.
  • 29th — Minneapolis, for the University of Minnesota.

Falling below Evanston among midwestern cities are:

  • 32nd — Columbus, Ohio, for the Ohio State.
  • 36th — Chicago, for the University of Chicago.
  • 43rd — St. Louis, for Washington University.
  • 47th — Bloomington, Ind. for the University of Indiana.

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