Resident’s tip leads to burglary arrests

Evanston police say they caught two burglary suspects in the act Wednesday afternoon in the 1400 block of Washington Street.

The police received a tip from a resident who said two men were breaking into a house through a window.

Responding officers say they spotted two men fleeing from the scene with items taken from the home.

The officers chased the men on foot and, after a brief struggle in which one officer was struck in the face, they managed to take the suspects into custody.

Police say witnesses positively identified the suspects as the burglars, and officers searching the area found electronics gear and jewelry taken from the home.

The state’s attorney’s office has filed burglary charges in the case against Eric Seaton, 20, of 8436 Central Park in Skokie, and Dominic Connerly, 17 of 2014 Wesley Ave. in Evanston. Seaton also faces charges of aggravated battery to a police officer and resisting arrest.

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