Ring, ring … it’s the blizzard calling

Evanston officials say about 62 percent of the more than 20,000 mass notification phone calls sent out by the city today to alert residents to snow emergency parking regulations were received.

But only about 8 percent of the people called followed instructions in the message to press a number on their phone keypad to confirm that they received the message.

Here’s the overall scoreboard:

  • Of 20,525 calls/contacts made …
  • 1,586 – Delivered Confirmed: Receiver actively confirmed receipt of message
  • 7,186 – Delivered Not Confirmed: Message was delivered, but receiver did not confirm receipt
  • 3,852 – Caller Hung Up Before Message Ended
  • 7,901 – Not Connected: No answer, line busy, out of service

No figures were immediately available to indicate how that performance of the new robo-call system here compares with the experience of other communities that have deployed the service.

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