‘Safer Evanston’ report released

The city manager's office has released a report outlining goals identified by citizens at "Partnering for a Safer Evanston" workshops on Feb. 3 and March 3.

The 11-page report appears to boil down to four key goals:

  • Better understand the nature of the crime problem and establish a framework for measuring progress by collecting and analyzing data from crime reports and citizen surveys.
  • Improve programs to engage young people in productive activities to steer them away from criminal behavior.
  • Strengthen networking and organizing among neighbors and block clubs to build community ties that discourage criminal behavior.
  • Enhance industrial arts training programs at Evanston Township High School to provide career opportunities for young people who might otherwise drop out and turn to a life of crime, and provide counseling and job opportunities for ex-offenders.

Assistant City Manager Rolanda Russell says city staff members will meet with the citizens who participated in the workshops to firm up their plans and try to "expand some groups and involve existing community resources."

The full report and a cover memo for it are attached below.

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