Same-day registration, voting big hit with NU students


Officials with the Cook County Clerk's office say the Evanston Civic Center turned out to be one of the most popular locations today for the new program that allows people to register and vote on election day.

Deputy Communications Director James Scalzitti says hundreds of people — most Northwestern University students — turned out at the Civic Center — of a total of around 2,000 across suburban Cook County.

Several groups at the university organized a "Voter Van" service to get the students to the Civic Center, and Scalzitti says County Clerk David Orr showed up at the site, and even provided pizza for the students who were waiting in long lines to register and cast their ballots.

To qualify for the same-day program people have to have not registered yet but have been living living in their precincts for at least 30 days. They have to bring two forms of identification to the voting site, one of which must include current address.

Such ballots are considered "provisional" and are set aside from the regular vote count until the registration information provided by the new voter can be authenticated.

The polls remain open until 7 p.m. We'll have results on local races as soon as they become available this evening.

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