Save $: Put ticket-writers on scooters

JeepEvanston Now is still trolling for ideas to save the city some money in this budget crunch time.

Can't say the brainstorms have been flooding in, but we overheard Dario Fernandez-Morera suggest over the weekend that it might be a good idea to take parking enforcement officers out of the Jeeps they drive now, and put them back on the motorized tricycles the city used to use.

Of the Jeeps, he says, "It is outrageous.  Imagine the cost of those vehicles and the gas they use up and the additional pollution they create with their stop and go functioning."

Picking up the theme, Dan Garrison said "the use of gas guzzlers to noodle around writing tickets is symptomatic of the pervasive incompetence of city management."

Of course Dan lives across from the Civic Center and is burned about the possibility aldermen will spend big bucks to move out of the old building.

Even Dan says the old scooters might be too brutal for cold days, "but at least they could drive modern gas-electric hybrids."

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