U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Evanston was among about 200 people arrested at an immigration rally in Washington, D.C., today.

The Sun-Times reports she was taken into custody along with Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Chicago. The rally was called to protest the failure of the Republican-controlled house to take up immigration reform legislation already approved by the Senate.

A Schakowsky spokeswoman said police placed wrist ties on the congresswoman before placing her in a police van.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. And the veterans?

    So, to sum it up (during this shutdown), the government opens the National Mall for (illegal) immigrants, but closes memorials for veterans.  Does this sound like a government that knows what it's doing?

  2. Never look up to a politician

    Have you ever noticed how many politicians openly disregard Federal laws.  How many mayors have set a policy of not enforcing Federal mandates because "they" don't believe in them?  Yet if you, a common citizen, choose not to abide by a local city law which "you" don't believe in,  watch the wrath of city government fall upon your shoulders.  How sad.

  3. Our tax dollars at work…

    Now I understand why Jan has never found a tax increase she won't vote for.  International traveling is not cheap!  Gee, I wonder if she flies coach?

    "Schakowsky is most-frequent flier among congressional delegation…

    Since 2011, lawmakers have made 75 foreign trips: 41 paid for by private sponsors, 32 by taxpayers and two by foreign governments. Private groups spent more than $569,000 on the Illinoisans' trips abroad."

  4. Illegal alien rally in Washington, D.C.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for "lawmaker" Jan Schakowsky to show the same enthusiasm for standing up for the 20 million jobless Amercians.  And, by the way, guess who picks up the tab for this event?

    We the People, who are barred from entering this "closed" facility.

    Dave Gorak

    Executive director

    Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

    1. But Congress is SPECIAL

      Don’t the police know government workers, and esp. Congressmen, are ‘Special.’  The laws don’t apply to them !
      I’m waiting until the Congressmen, and esp. Jan, have their homes taken over by those ‘illegals’ who claim the right to live in her house—the same right as she has.  Then want food, income, and even adoption and be in her will—after all “they all have the right to live anywhere they choose.”  But I guess she made this a tacit promise already.

      As one of the founders said, [Congressional] service was viewed as a part-time job by citizen legislators who would go to Washington to do their duty and then return home to their farms and businesses to resume their lives once the legislature adjourned.
      The first issue implied is going back to their jobs—i.e. not a full year job. Get your work done and go home—and not get paid for a full year of service, take junkets all over the world [at taxpayer expense].  Who could disagree !
      On the second “farms and business”, I swing back and forth.  Yes we should be represented by people who understand real life and know what earning a living takes—not all lawyers [or even a substantial portion]—like farmers, doctors, engineers, business men.  On the other, why would anyone who is a doctor, educator, physicist or farmer want to go to Washington when they are actually making a real contribution with real work outside of Washington ?

    1. What you talking about Zbesko

      Jan was not standing up for Americans. She was standing up for illegal aliens. Jan has never got up from her a$$ to help Americans. Jan is for Jan whether it is kiting checks, filing false tax returns, or trying to use connections to cut her property tax in half. I don't know where you got your false impression of Jan.

      1. More on ‘Special People”

        If you are wondering what the author meant. See "Husband's bank fraud and tax evasion convictions" under

        Why was she not charged for filing taxes on this—the rest of us would have the IRS after us for joint/spouse's tax filings.

        But then Washington protects "its own"  and these are 'Special People"—if you don't believe them, just ask them.


        1. Not everything’s a conspiracy theory.

          If Washington protects "its own" wouldn't she have "arranged" to not have her husband charged and go to jail?  Wouldn't Jesse Jackson, Jr. have avoided jail?

          1. Facts

            Jan was the primary bread winner in the family. He husband cut a deal to keep Jan out of the can. He served less than half of his sentence, which is pretty unusual. Somebody was looking out for them.

          2. Special people

            How about…

            Congress and staffers getting subsidies to pay for Obamacare.  The public, nothing.

            Businesses getting a 1 year reprieve from Obamacare.  The public, nothing.

            Hillary hall pass on Benghazi and the blatant cover up lie.  3 dead, families with questions.

            Crony green businesses getting Millions, bankrupt failures, our tax money.

            Illegal immigrant use of Mall.  WW2 vets barred from memorial.  

            Lets Move site up.  Amber Alert site shut down during shutdown. Lost kids lose.

            Non payment of dead serviceman's benefits to families. Thank god for Fisher House.

            The next one, subsidies or exemptions for Unions to Obamacare.  Us, nothing.

            I can go on and on….






  5. Good Day for the 9th District

    Does anybody have a video of her arrest and the purp walk? Did she get to wear a striped outfit or an orange jump suit? Was she just trying to fit it with other democratic pols who sowed their roots in cook county. If this was an illegal rally, she should be stripped of all her committee assignments and sit in the House Well of Shame.

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