As Republicans took control of the U.S. House in Washington today, Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Evanston blasted what she called the new majority’s “parody of fiscal responsibility.

In a statement she said the shrinking middle class “is about to take a devastating drubbing.”

“In the fantastical world of the Republican House majority,” Schakowsky added, “tax cuts for the rich, super-rich and special interests have no deficit consequences, yet investments in education, job creation, or help for the unemployed must be paid for – and never with new revenue but only with spending cuts.”

“The rules gut the pay-as-you-go concept, replacing that House rule with a new one-sided ‘cut-as-you-go’ scheme, slashing programs that help middle and low-income families,” she said, saying the GOP plan would add trillions of dollar to the deficit.

Schakowsky is a close ally of Minority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who turned over the gavel today to GOP leader John Boehner of Ohio.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Who cares

    Who cares, Jan? Your party lost and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Now, go back home and take your class warfare garbage with you.

    1. Go back home?

      Who cares, Jan? Your party lost and there’s nothing you can do to change that. Now, go back home and take your class warfare garbage with you.

      Go back home?  The voters of the 9th district just re-elected her.  We want her in Washington.  She should do the job that we sent her to do, not be a quitter like the Hockey Mom.

      I do agree, however, that minority parties in the legislature should not boss around the majority party.  I hope that the Senate follows the example of the House, and reforms their rules and reforms the filibuster. 

    2. Well said

      Only Jan won’t be returning home with millions of dollars to fund entitlements borrowed from the Chinese that our grandchildren will have to pay for. The days are over…..for now.

  2. Jan and Ron

    Jan’s a great humanitarian (with the exception of a huge blind spot concerning the Palestinians) but she is also what I believe Republicans would point to as representative (pun intended) of "tax and spend" Democrats. When Ronald Reagan (of whom I am no fan) talked about the scary words "I’m with the government and I’m here to help" I think he may have been thinking of the political outlook exemplified by Jan. I don’t doubt for a second her good intentions.

    The backlash against government programs for everything has reached a fever pitch in the Tea Party and the Republicans are riding that horse. Of course the Republican blind spot is the military. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    Here we sit with a huge unfunded liability at every level of government and an utterly pointless war that just goes on and on in a nation about which we are hopelessly ignorant on the other side of the world. Do you suppose there are even 100 Americans over there that can fluently speak any of the indigenous languages? But of course we know exactly what we are doing, right? Meanwhile, China gears up in every cutting-edge technology with a military budget a very tiny fraction of ours. The US (2004) spends 2.2 times the military spending of the entire rest of the world! We are a floundering whale doing a lot of splashing about while the nimble dolphins and sharks of the world look on with a smile.

    Has any empire ever wisely scaled back? As far as I know, every one right up to and including the British Empire has kept driving on until collapse. Future historians will look back and say, "they had wealth beyond what anyone considered possible – yet they went bankrupt anyway!"

    1. Regarding the military…

      Ever think about how much money we’d save annually if we didn’t maintain 700+ military bases outside our borders? Why do the American people pay to keep the entire world "safe" from danger the way we do and have done since WWII? We need to do one of two things:

      1) Close all of those bases and bring our boys home

      2) Charge the various host countries for the protection we provide

      If we choose option #2, we should also think about charging countries retroactively. How much income would we see by charging S.Korea for nearly 6 decades of protection from N.Korea? If war is our chief export, we damn well ought to profit from it.

      The fact is that our "elected" leaders all think alike whether they have a D or R in front of their names…..nobody ever seems to question why a nation such as ours, founded on concepts of tolerance (moreso than any other country in Earth history) meddles in the affairs of others to the degree that we do. Why? The Democrats have failed. The Republicans have failed. The time for a 3rd approach is upon us. The Powers That Be had better get wise or they are due for a very painful lesson in real-world physics.

      The Oracle has spoken!

  3. Schakowsky is a parody in fiscal responsibility

    Someone please inform the liberal Democrat Schakowsky that the middle class ALREADY took a "devasting drubbing" in the past two years as Democrats controlled the White House and enjoyed a supermajority in Congress. Unemployment has hovered around 10 percent nationally for more than a year as the budget deficit rocketed into the stratosphere.

    Schakowsky cries about Cut as You Go. Well, Schakowsky and her Democrats in 2009 and 2010 added $1.6 trillion to the deficit despite the Pay as You Go law enacted in 2007. The Democrats consistently ignore Pay as You Go.

    The problem Schakowsky has here is the GOP, in an attempt to cut the deficit, changed the rules, mandating that the Bush tax cut extensions would no longer be counted as adding to the deficit because it is not considered new spending as outlined under the Pay as You Go law – new non-discretionary spending must be offset with spending cuts or tax increases. In other words, the spend and tax happy Democrats will be held accountable when they want to spend and tax more.

    Republicans didn’t slash programs for middle-low income folks. They simply are taking on fiscal repsonsibility and following the law – if you want more spending then you have to make an equal amount in cuts. That’s why the Democrats took a "shellacking" in the mid-term elections.

    This class warfare played by the liberal Democrats, including Schakowsky who says she wants to run private healthcare businesses to the ground,  rings false with the American public. Government can not tax and spend its way back to prosperity.

    1. Balancing the budget

      " the GOP, in an attempt to cut the deficit, changed the rules, mandating that the Bush tax cut extensions would no longer be counted as adding to the deficit"

      Brilliant!  Cutting the deficit by changing the rules and declaring that certain things just don’t count.

      Maybe the City of Evanston should try this!   Let’s just declare that pension obligations, police and fire salaries and libraries are not to be counted as part of the City’s budget deficit.

      I hope that Pat Quinn is following Al’s rants on Evanston Now too.   This brilliant strategy would   solve Illinois’ financial mess.

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