Schakowsky far in front of challenger on fundraising

U.S. Rep Jan Schakowsky has ten times as much money in her campaign war chest as her Republican challenger Joel Pollak.

That’s what recently filed federal campaign finance reports show.

A summary of the campaign reports published on the OpenSecrets.org website of the Center for Responsive Politics shows Schakowsky has $535,000 on hand compared to $50,000 for Pollak.

In total fundraising for this election cycle, Schakowky has pulled in $1.2 million, a little more than average for an incumbent House member, while Pollak has drawn less than one-fifth as much, $221,000.

And Schakowsky, aided by leftover funds from her last race, has spent $1.05 million so far, while Pollak has spent just under $171,000.

Schakowsky has received nearly $300,000 in contributions from political action committees while Pollak has raised only $4,000 from such groups.

Schakowsky’s top five contributors include lawyers at two major law firms, Sidley and Austin and Jenner and Block. Lawyers from each firm collectively have chipped in about $11,000 for Schakowsky. Overall, lawyers and law firms have contributed nearly $150,000 to her campaign.

Health professionals have given nearly $72,000 to Schakowsky and labor unions have kicked in $36,000.

Despite the huge gap in fundraising, Pollak appears to have raised substantially more money than any challenger to Schakowsky in the past decade, according to the Center for Responsive Politics analysis.

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