U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky so far has no challengers in her bid for another term in Washington.

No other Democrats, and no Republicans, filed for the 9th Congressional District race Monday, the first day for candidates to submit nominating petitions in Springfield.

Schakowsky, of 1101 Ridge Ave. in Evanston, has served six terms in Congress and is her party’s chief deputy whip.

(Update 10/29/09 6:10 a.m.) Still no opponents have filed … but we’ve learned that Skokie attorney Joel Pollak says he plans to file petitions to run in the Republican primary on Nov. 2, the last day to file. Several other Republicans reportedly also are interested in the job.

(Update 11/3/09 6:14 a.m.) See new story: Five seek congressional seat.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. No choice? Is this democracy?
    This is so sad. What has Schakowsksy done for taxpayers? Schakowsky is in the union’s pocket and used her political office to try and strip the non-profit status of an Evanston hospital because it refuses to unionize. And now, voters have no choice – so typical in Cook County, Evanston and this district. It’s hard to believe in these tough economic times, when our property values continue to decline but property taxes and other taxes keep going up that Schakowsky gets a free ride. People in the private sector are either losing their jobs or fear their jobs will be gone all the while government employees – all unionized – have their jobs, pensions, and some even got RAISES! Schakowsksy is hardly fiscally responsible. Is anyone going to at least keep Schakowsky honest?

  2. The Republican Party has a candidate running against Schakowsky
    There is a candidate running against Schakowsky. Apparently, he has not filed yet but I do know for sure he will be filing.

    We definitely need changes not only in her position but in all of Cook County. The person running against Schakowsky is more than qualified and can make a difference.

    The Republican Endorsed Slate of Cook County was filed by me and Roger Keats yesterday when the filing opened. As many of you know, I am endorsed to run for Cook County Assessor and former Sen. Roger Keats is endorsed to run for Cook County Board President.

    The Republican Party will have a candidate in all but one place on the ballot even against Commissioner Sufferdin.

    Just wait until the filing is done and stay tuned for changes to come.

    Evanston Township Assessor, Sharon Strobeck Eckersall

    1. Do we want Republicans in congress?
      I don’t like Schakowsky, but the sad fact is that the Republicans are always worse. The proper place to get rid of Jan is the Democratic primary.

      The Republicans are now just a southern party. They have no real solutions to the country’s problems, and just want Obama to fail. We have seen the Republicans vote unanimously on every issue against the president. The southerners who control the party now just don’t care about northern urban areas (like Chicago and Evanston)…if they take control of the House, they will continue to subsidize agriculture while stealing money from the cities.

      We need to find good Democrats to defeat Jan and Jeff. I think that Moran is the most reasonable alternative to Smith; his support of the tower shoes that he has an enquiring mind, he has experience in a legislature (council) without being tainted by Machine support.

      1. Backing Anonymous Al
        Yep, Mr. Who Knows, once again your interesting if not ridiculous insight is on display for us all to see.

        Thanks to Anonymous Al for basically replying with the facts.

        It is not a matter of wanting Obama to fail, it simply a matter of direction this country is now being taken in – far left.

        And worse, this man ran on a moderate position in the election. Liar.

        1. Dude. Anyone who thinks Obama
          Dude. Anyone who thinks Obama is “far left” or that the agenda the Democrats in Congress are pushing is “far left” really has no idea what’s going on.

          Public option? A compromise with moderates and conservatives. The stimulus? A lot smaller than left-leaning economists pushed for. Cap and trade? A pitiful excuse for climate change legislation, when what we need are bigger and more meaningful proposals.

          We have yet to see where Obama will eventually stand on issues like Afghanistan and DADT, but I suspect the end results are going to be a major disappointment for progressives like me. And in many industrialized countries, I’d be called a moderate.

          Far left? Ha!

          1. You Should Know
            Hi Al,

            Since you are a progressive, I guess you should know what you want.

            I guess I have to agree with you, all the programs you outlined are bad (Cap and Trade, Public Option, “Stimulus”, etc). I guess we are just thankful he is not way left, like off the range. Well, for that monicker, see his czars.

            Oh, and I do understand what is going on in DC. From my perspective (and it is a matter of ideology) this is a far left agenda here in my country, the U.S., not some other industrialized nation, which I do not reside.

    2. Most Excellent News

      Thank you for the news and alerting us on this comment board.

      This is most excellent news, a contendor to Schakowsky.

  3. Yes, we want Republicans in Congress
    “The Republicans are now just a southern party”

    Not true at all – McCain-AZ, Boehner- Ohio, we even have Republicans in Springfield.

    “They have no real solutions to the country’s problems, and just want Obama to fail.”

    Did you know the Republicans have their own version of health reform? The Democrats blocked health reform efforts during the Bush 1 era. Most Republicans voted against the cap and trade (not Mark Kirk) and the stimulus bill. They didn’t vote against Obama – they voted against the Democrat bills in Congress. Obama is NOT a legislator. In fact, Obama is just letting the Democrats create their own health reform bill, stimulus bill, cap and trade, etc.

    “The southerners who control the party now just don’t care about northern urban areas … ”

    Southern Republicans DO NOT control the party. That’s silly talk. Boehner of Ohio is the Republican party leader. Last time I checked, Ohio is in the midwest.

    In any event, if we elect Republicans in Illinois and in OUR district, do you really think they would “subsidize agriculture while stealing money from the cities?”


    Also, did ever hear a Democrat running for office promising to CUT taxes, spending and layoff government union employees in hard times?

    I didn’t think so.

  4. Schakowsky Needs to Step Up Her Game
    The problem with Schakowsky running unopposed or with no serious challenger is that she’s not challenged to improve her performance.

    Not so long ago I attended an Evanston function where Schakowsky spoke to 300 or so mostly Evanstonians. Her entire speech was red meat (Corporate Executives are bad, rich people are bad, all issues are black and white, etc.)

    I was so disappointed. Here Schakowsky had an opportunity to talk to a very educated crowd, a group of people who know the world isn’t black and white and yet she choose to paint it black and white.

    It was a missed opportunity to move the political dialogue forward; to say that Democrats aren’t great and Republicans aren’t evil; to say that the issues are tough; that they need all of us to recognize that; and that if we can she, as our elected leader, will rise above the partisanship to make tough, courageous decisions.

    But she opted not to give that kind of speech. I’m afraid that happens too often and unless she’s seriously challenged her personal performance will not improve. (Just like Hallmark needs to step up their game if the temporary Halloween store downtown is cutting into their business).

    What Schakowsky and all elected officials did yesterday is inconsequential to what they need to do tomorrow which is solve some really tough issues that, if left unresolved, will leave our children and grandchildren with a declining nation.

  5. It’s impossible to tax your way into prosperity
    My property taxes went up 10 percent as the value of my home decreased.

    We received a letter from the assessor’s office two weeks ago telling us the assessment has been lowered.

    The catch – tax rates increased.

    The City of Evanston also INCREASED the tax rate. Has any city services been cut or union city employees laid off during this severe recession? Nope.

    Our elected officials – all Democrats – simply raise taxes to keep the status quo, and fail to make hard decisions to cut back.

    The county sales tax is 10.5 percent, one of the highest if not the highest rate in the nation.

    What do you suppose the result will be when property taxes and sales taxes keep increasing during a severe recession, and a state unemployment rate hovering above 10 percent?

    Taxpayers and businesses need tax relief – not tax burdens.

    Meanwhile, we keep seeing government expand and private businesses scale back. I look around and all I see here locally are elected Democrats, who seem to operate on the thought process of more government.

    “That government is best which governs least” – Henry David Thoreau.

    “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul” – George Bernard Shaw

    Obviously, the Democrats have Paul’s support. Advice for Peter – vote Republican.

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