U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston) told a crowd estimated by organizers at over 1,200 people at Chicago’s Broadway Armory Saturday that “all of us need to see ourselves as part of an army that’s going to fight to literally save America and our values.”

She urged those present to launch a movement of resistance against the political agendas of president-elect Donald Trump and Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner.

“We all need to fight for $15 an hour and a union, we all need to fight for women’s rights, we all need to fight for voting rights, and we all need to fight for human rights,” Schakowsky said. “We need to be fierce.  We need to be fearless and relentless.  And we also need to be creative.”

Community groups including IL ACLU, Personal PAC, EverThrive IL, Heartland Alliance, Small Business Majority, and others also participated in a “Volunteer Job Fair,” where attendees could access information and sign up to take action with each group.

“We need to be united.  One for all and all for one, especially when someone is attacked.  If, God forbid, there is a Muslim registry, we all need to show up and register as Muslims,” Schakowsky said to a standing ovation.

Seventy new online activists participated a “Twitter Clinic” following the program to train activists how to use the social networking platform for political activism.

“I know this a challenging time, but it is a time that is loaded with opportunity for all Americans to participate in the process—and we can win.  We need to use all of our tools, old ones—we’ll be marching—and new ones,” said Rep. Schakowsky, “Use social media.  If Donald Trump can tweet, so can you.”

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  1. Difficult to “value” the

    Difficult to “value” the fiscal mess that is Illinois, no? 

    Let’s instead devote our energy to reverse the trend of people leaving the state.  If we’re intellectually honest with ourselves, what is the real cause for this?  Illinois will likely have 2 less representatives in the US House following the 2020 census.  Perhaps Jan’s seat will be effected? 

    Chicago and Evanston helped carry Illinois for Clinton.  Instead of preaching to the choir, this energy would be better spent on road trips to central Wisconsin, PA, MI, and Ohio if she’s advocating for a resistance — a strategy lost on the losing side in this past presidential election.  Jan can drive.

  2. Jan wants to resist efforts to save jobs for Americans
    What Schakowsky fears is that the precious union support she and Democrats enjoy and take for granted is in jeopardy since Trump not yet president has been actively fighting against companies moving manufacturing plants to other nations and criticizing NAFTA – something Jan and Democrats have been ignoring.

    Trump isn’t even president and he negotiated Carrier to keep one of its plants in Indiana rather than relocating it to Mexico, saving 700 jobs.

    Ford recently scrapped plans to move production of its Lincoln MKC luxury SUV from Louisville to Mexico, saying Trump’s economic policies related to other automotive regulations could change the landscape for automakers in the coming years and make U.S. manufacturing more affordable.

    Softbank announced it would invest $100 billion in technology in America and create 50,000 new jobs, saying the decision came because of Trump’s victory. “This is great. The U.S. will become great again,” SoftBank CEO Masayoshi “Masa” Son said about Trump as they shook hands in Trump Tower.

    In early 2016, Sprint cut 2500 jobs. Sprint just announced it would open more call centers in America, creating 5,000 jobs.

    “We are excited to work with President-elect Trump and his administration to do our part to drive economic growth and create jobs in the U.S.,” said Sprint (S) CEO Marcelo Claure. He called it “critical” for business and government to work together.”

    All Jan Schakowsky and Democrats can do is call for “resistance” to Trump’s policies, which obviously means Jan and the Dems want more manufacturing jobs to leave America. The Democrats don’t care about us; they just want to stay in power.

    1. Trump’s role

      If you did even the tiniest bit of research, you come to find that Trump had absolutely nothing to do with the “deals” that you mentioned. 

      1. Art of the Bad Deal
        In addition those 700 Carrier jobs cost the taxpayers of Indiana $7 million – $10,000.00 per job. Yeah Don, I can trade Park Place for Baltic Avenue, too.

  3. I’m ashamed to know Jan
    Over the years, i’ve had the opportunity to meet Jan and I’ve supported her efforts and campaigns.

    However, I draw the line – Bruce Rauner is not Donald Trump. Bruce Rauner does not support Donald Trump.

    Jan’s attempt to tie the two together is one reason many people have lost faith in our politicians.
    Her rhetoric is empty and baseless and her comments are misleading.

    Governor Rauner has distanced himself from President Elect Trump. Rauner didn’t campaign for Trump.
    Rauner isn’t attending the Inauguration.

    Governor Rauner is trying to fix a long laundry list of problems that he inherited.
    These are problems that started many years ago and are getting bigger; Illinois gov’t debt is the lowest rated
    in the nation, Illinois has lost population for 3 years in a row – yes, that’s a net loss of people leaving Illinois
    (and we’re the only state amongst our neighboring states where this is happening) and the list goes on and on.

    Talk with Mayor Emanuel about trying to clean up all the problems that Mayor Daley left him. It’s not easy and you don’t
    make many friends.

    Jan should start recognizing how her actions contributed to the mess we’re in, as a 1st step towards improving the lives of all Americans, and not
    just those within her close circle of friends.

    Our country and state have major problems to address – let’s focus on substance over rhetoric.
    Hopefully Governor Rauner and others will be able to provide the necessary leadership for Illinois.
    And i won’t even discuss MIke Madigan.

    1. Rainer supported Trump
      Rainer announced his support for Trump back in March when he said he supported the GOP nominee.

      The reason he isn’t going to inauguration is because he is a coward who can’t stand behind his position.

      His real support can be seen in the fact he sponsoring a fundraiser for the ticket when Pence comes to town a couple of weeks after inauguration.

  4. More of the same old, same old
    Her time in office should have been over long ago.
    She only spouts the same old party line—though I suspect she if far left of almost all—except Evanston liberals.
    She wants to keep the power in the friends of her friends—unions [both industry and teachers] who are happy to take the dues and in case of teacher unions hold back educational reform which of course means making real education available to all, protect bad teachers.
    The old Democratic views which want to keep everyone on the Democratic plantation will only hurt the economy, education and about every other institution.

    1. Trump/Rauner
      Jan is a sincere legislator. Unfortunately the two Republicans she mentioned won because their opponents were extremely weak (Clinton/Quinn). The Democratic party bet the farm on the affordable care act. And they lost Congress…probably for several more years. This is an exact replication of 1994 and Hillary and the parties attempt at Health Care Reform then. The Senate was lost in 2014….which should have raised alarms. And finally, and perhaps not recognized, many rank and file trade union members vote Republican (white, high school educated males). This is reality. At the last convention of my husband’s union, it was a sea of white male faces. None had a college degree. It is okay to protest BUT you must have productive new ideas and new YOUNGER faces. Otherwise this will simply be a drumbeat heard before and easily ignored. I wish her well BUT heed the election results….more of the same is a guaranteed failure.

  5. Jan’s stance seems to have

    Jan’s stance seems to have pulled out of the woodwork some of the kinds of people who caused Trump to win.  She has a hard fight ahead, and many more of her constituents need to become active.  I don’t know what message will generate WILL in their lives.  It’s a hard, hard ride ahead.

  6. Increasingly disappointed

    As a lifelong Democrat, I hold my party’s values of equal opportunity, social justice and expansion of the economic pie close to my heart. My values haven’t changed, but sadly, my doubt that  Rep. Schakowsky can deliver them has increased. I vote for Ms. Schakowsky every time, but with less and less enthusiasm. If she ever had an opponent with credible, fresh ideas, look out. 

    When will my party focus on bringing good jobs with good opportunities to this district? The kind of good jobs the constituents in the photo deserve. I wish the energy that goes into “fighting” and “resistance” would go into negotiating economic opportunity for the 9th district. I am not prima facie opposed to unions, but our reality is the big private sector manufacturing jobs that were the backbone of private unions are gone. Fight for all jobs, not just union jobs. 

    What do Jan’s constituents want? In the 17 years she’s been in office, I have never received a poll, a questionnaire or a survey that invites constituent input or opinions. It’s 2017 – try Survey Monkey. Several times, I’ve contacted the congresswoman to express and opinion that differ from hers, and never even received the courtesy of a response. But every two years, somehow her office can find my number to ask me to put a sign in my yard, contribute money, or participate in voter outreach etc. 

    I think Congresswoman Schakowsky is a dedicated representative and sincere in her beliefs. I wish she’d spend more time listening and less time on the soap box. Honestly hate to admit this, but I am less and less a “Jan Fan.”

  7. The DPOE’s Social Media Problem

    As a Evanston Democrat, I would agree that blunting the Trump agenda and ousting Gov. Rauner are critical. But these objectives will require extensive and sustained grass-roots involvement. That should be easy here in deep-blue Evanston, and as the former Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Evanston, I am deeply aware that rank-and-file Democrats here have the desire and the ability to effect change both in Evanston and well beyond our borders. The DPOE, however, has not been promoting much genuine grass-roots activism in recent years, squandering the tremendous potential here. In her speech yesterday Jan called on the crowd to use social networking as a tool to fight the GOP. That’s reasonable , since while social media is no substitute for genuine organizing it’s a vital tool these days. So one would then expect that the DPOE, at this critical juncture, would at minimum have an informative, regularly updated website offering a host of volunteer activities. But in fact the DPOE website is currently non-functional, and has been in an “account suspended” state since at least mid-December. With so many in Evanston aching for involvement since Donald Trump’s election, it is beyond disappointing that our elected officials here have allowed their own organization to be inaccessible in this manner. Let’s hope that some attention to that will inspire our legislators to fix that problem. Evanston Democrats deserve better.

    1. Exactly!

      I sent a message through her website weeks ago asking how she suggested that WE activate for change and complete silence….including no notification of this rally.  Our representives in the House and the Senate need to start leading not just ranting.

      1. Not Surprised
        I too tried contacting her in the past and the only time I heard from her was asking me to donate to her campaign. Seems the only thing she needs constituents for is to fund her “public service”.

  8. End the “resistance movement NOW!

    In light of Wednesday’s shooting of Republlican lawmakers practicing on a baseball field, I wonder if Democrat Shakowsky will apologize for this “Resistance” movement. Notice what she tells her fellow liberal activists: “all of us need to see ourselves as part of an army that’s going to fight to literally save America and our values.”

    They’re an ARMY that needs to FIGHT LITERALLY in this resistance. When I hear the word resistance in political terms I am reminded of the French who resisted the Nazi occupation by killing them.

    I am appalled and disgusted that a Democrat activist actually carried out in his mind the ultimate resistance, killing as many Republicans as possible. I don’t blame Bernie Sanders as much as I blame the kind of rhetoric Shakowsky and many of her fellow Democrats have put forth such as the idea they are in a “Resistance.”

    Democrats need to end this “Resistance” movement and the PAC set up to fund it before more Republicans and conservatives are beaten, spit on, bullied, shouted down and God forbid, murdered simply for holding a certain LEGITIMATE political belief.

    And I am waiting to hear an apology from these Democrats.

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