School board ‘thankful’ for contract

Evanston/Skokie School District 65 board members have issued a joint letter expressing thanks for the new contract reached with the teachers union.

Here’s the text of the letter:

On Monday, November 17th the District 65 Board unanimously approved a four-year contract with the district’s teachers.

This contract has many features that provide for collaboration with teachers.  The agreement supports continuing education through tuition reimbursement provisions for teachers, continues options to maximize  retirement incomes, continues subsidized health and dental plans for teachers and their families, and provides a competitive salary package.

There are one-time bonuses for teachers who become Nationally Board certified and opportunities for annual bonuses in years when sick leave is reduced.

Our teams worked hard to come to agreement.  The agreement ratified by the teachers and approved by the Board provides stability in the work environment over the four year term.

We appreciate that our teachers agreed to an increase in the instructional day that will benefit our students.  The agreement reached is a testament to the professionalism of our teachers and our awareness of the concerns teachers have for preserving their important planning time.

Boards of Education have a unique relationship in school district business. We represent the interests of all stakeholders from students and families to teachers and administrators.

We balance the needs for best educational practices with maintaining financial stability.  Our district and our board have a history of managing our priorities well.

In this month when so many turn their attention to things for which they are thankful, we express our appreciation to our educational professionals for their commitment to the children of the District 65 community.

Thank you.

Mary A. Erickson, Katie Bailey, Bonnie Lockhart, Mary Rita Luecke, Andrew Pigozzi, Jerome R. Summers and Keith Terry


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