School expansion plans approved


The Evanston City Council Tuesday night approved plans for Chiaravalle Montessori School to tear down an annex to its building at 425 Dempster St. and build a replacement on the same site.

The aldermen approved a license to let the school locate temporary mobile classrooms in the adjacent city-owned Currey Park and utility easements on the park land.

When the city sold the building to the school several years ago, it retained essentially all the surrounding land for park use, making the easements necessary to permit the construction project.

The aldermen also unanimously approved introduction of an ordinance that would allow the school to issue bonds for the construction project with the city as a conduit financing authority.

The measure allows the school to secure a lower interest rate, but, City Attorney Grant Farrar told aldermen in a memo, does not create any liability for the city to repay the debt.

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