School sued over student’s death

The family of Aquan Lewis, a 5th grade student who died after he was found hanging in an Oakton School bathroom last February has filed a wrongful death suit against School District 65.

The complaint filed today alleges that that school employees were negligent in failing to look for Aquan after he didn’t appear in a line of students walking to the school gym about a half hour before he was found in the restroom.

The Evanston RoundTable quotes the family’s attorney, Todd Smith, as saying of school officials, "If they observe a student is missing in action, they have a duty right then and there to find out where they are."

After he was found in the bathroom, Aquan was rushed to St. Francis Hospital and transferred to Children’s Memorial Hospital where he died the next morning. The Cook County Medical examiner ruled the death a suicide and an Evanston police investigation confirmed that finding two weeks later.

The Oakton School PTA set up a fund to provide support for the youth’s family.

School officials today said they hadn’t received a copy of the lawsuit and declined comment on it.

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