Share your favorite Evanston spot, participate in theatre event

I'm organizing a walking tour of site-specific theatre events, all to be written by Evanston playwrights, and YOU can help. Just tell me your favorite spot in Evanston. Is it somewhere on the beach? A beautiful park? A lovely nook or cranny somewhere in our gorgeous city? If we choose your spot for the walking tour, a new play will be written specifically to be performed there---wouldn't you like to participate in that? Please share. Thanks for your help!



I love wandering on Dempster

I love wandering on Dempster Street--so many interesting shops, and great chances to people watch.

This sounds like a great

This sounds like a great project, and I can't wait to hear more about it. I'm not sure I can narrow down a favorite spot in Evanston--the whole city is filled with rich and fascinating spots.