An 11,000-square-foot lakefront home at 925 Edgemere Court in Evanston is scheduled to be auctioned at a sheriff’s sale next month.

Chicago Real Estate Daily reports that the vacant new home, once listed for $9 million, has been a source of discord on the quiet, one-block street since the new house was built in 2008.

The block has just 16 homes, including the 1927 mansion of Col. Henry Crown.

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Top: A listing photo of 925 Edgemere Court from Trulia.com.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Wasn’t hard to see this coming…

    It was a nonsensical project from the beginning, and Mr. Nesbitt in many ways deserves what has happened.  I feel sorry for the neighbors of this monstrosity (and the weed-filled lot two doors down that Nesbitt created) who have had to deal with issues related to this project for years.

    1. You feel sorry for the neighbors?

      I can only wish to have a home in that area… even a home that had a weed-choked pop-up mansion in my line of site!  Oh to live on the lakefront in my own grand home instead of a cracker-box in southwest Evanston on an unpatrolled major thoroughfare where no one obeys the speed limit!

  2. Park Land?

    If the city could get this for a good price, it may do some public good in beginning to connect the lake front park land/trials in the future. The homes on Edgemere are the only gap between the Elliot and Clark Square parks. There is the not so small issue of the other seven homes on the potential park land. Although I doubt we are in the fiscal position to do so after our buying binge on Howard and all the theater subsidies

  3. For all the subjects

    For all the subjects crotchety evanston citizens worry about, you'd think they would put up a bigger stink about mcmansions and places like this and the weed pit down the way that destroy the character of the city.  At least they aren't looking at girls in skirts serving food in a restaurant!

  4. Library site?

    Maybe this should be the site for a new south branch library. I feel terrible for the lakefront residents who not only have to look at weeds and vacant homes, but also have to travel a mile to the main library if they want books. Think of their children!!! Maybe the Twig people can hoodwink everyone into donating to them so they can all live here in style?

    1. Give it to EHC

      Good idea…but I think that this historic McMansion should go to the Evanston History Center.   Being just down the street from Col Henry Crown's house, I am sure that the site is oozing with historical significance.  It is big enough to house a collection of fancy dresses, and perhaps the collected papers of Chuckie Dawes, Henry Crown, Frances Willard, and all of the Havens.  There might still be room for a branch library, too.  Imagine how delightful it would be for the kids to have ice cream socials at this historic  lakefront McMansion.

      1. Give it to Mr Who Knows

        Can't get over preservation can you? How about making the 708 tower a branch library. Just think of all the books it can hold!

    2. Libraries in homes of Friends and Councilmen ?

      Maybe those who want branches will wall off a room in their houses for a branch ??

  5. Accurate property photos?

    Based on today's article , I wondered where the property was located. 

    Going to 'about my place' on the city's website, I punched in the address .and find that the photo for the property doesn't  match it's current 'architecture'! 

    The article did say that the house being auctioned was built in 2008…. so it takes 3 years to update these photos?  I've already sent this comment to the 311 center.

  6. Actually, I do.

    It's quite possible that the neighbors of this property worked hard to be and remain there. No matter your station in life, exposure to crassness and selfishness is something that binds us all together, doesn't it. It does go to show you however, that no amount of money can insulate us from folly.

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