The man pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston Tuesday after being shot by a motorcyclist on McCormick Boulevard in Skokie had been involved in a wild lakefront chase with police in Evanston two years ago.

Antoine Sanders, 23, who back then gave police an address of 7015 N. Paulina in Rogers Park, was arrested on May 11, 2012.

He was one of three men wanted in connection with a shots-fired incident near Gale Elementary School in Rogers Park who bailed out of a car on Greenwood Street near Judson Avenue about 11 a.m. that morning.

The incident led to a lockdown at Chiaravalle Montessori School and a house-to-house search that eventually led to the capture of Sanders.

He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and served eight months at the Vienna Correctional Center after his conviction that October before being released on parole just over 13 months ago.

He was also arrested in southeast Evanston just last month and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Thankful

    Nearly every day I read the Evanston Police are arresting (unlicensed) people with firearms. One guy even had a handgun and a bullet proof vest. We have had multiple people shot in the last several months. Firearms are being located on traffic stops, street stops and warrants.  And now we have a homicide involving a handgun in the middle of the street at 9:45 in the morning! I am so thankful the average citizen can now legally carry a concealed weapon for the protection of themselves and others. More importantly, I can (and do) carry my firearm in Evanston to defend myself from this madness.  

    1. You won’t have time

      This is what is funny by the concealed carry nuts. If someone wants to shoot you, you won't have time to take out your gun to defend yourself. Even if they are just pointing the gun at you, as soon as they see you going to get yours, you'll get shot before you can do anything.

      1. Equality- leveling the playing field.

        Greg- You’re assuming several things. Apparently you believe every confrontation is a duel of some sort.  I am not of the mindset to wait until a firearm is pressed against me in order to respond accordingly. However, you are correct in saying that if, in those extremely rare occasions, someone indiscriminately approaches another and shoots them point blank then there will be no time to react. Just the same, I would be completely unable to take action if someone decides to attack me while my back is turned. Not much I can do about it. You also assume I would use my legally possessed firearm to defend ONLY myself. The perfect scenario occurred just days ago at Oakton and McCormick. Witnessing a lethal attack on another person is a justifiable use of my weapon. Do you and the others not care to save another’s life?  Where’s your compassion? According to you, Anon, and many other liberals, we should all keep our hands in our pockets and become victims.

      2. Your “you won’t have time”

        Your "you won't have time" comment was contradicted several times already for instance the Feb shooting of an armed robber by the off duty Cook County guy. Watch the video. He unholstered from behind his body. Early this month a military vet was in a group that was shot at. He took cover behind a vehicle and shot the offender twice. Police are not trained to respond with gunfire as off duty armed robbery victims and the vast majority of service members are not trained to fire handguns. While neither of us know for sure, the likelihood is that how they responded WITH GUNS POINTED AT THEM reflects personal training and preparation, not professional training. It's not guaranteed but it is possible. Also, you ignore endless possibilities that can change the outcome i.e. the bad guy being a poor shot, a weapons malfunction, MOVING while pulling your weapon which decreases the likelihood you will be hit yourself. I don't want to be right so much that I will ignore how people have puled out guns and still been killed or hurt the wrong people while trying to defend themselves. It happens. Unfortunately, you appear to want to be right so much that you will ignore story after story across the states of armed offenders being stopped by armed citizens. The county officer, while sworn, was being robbed as a private citizen that just so happened to be an officer. I'm no gun nut but I'd rather die trying to protect my family than die, as many unarmed people have, at the prerogative of some criminal.

    2. You’re kidding yourself and endangering us all

      Alexander, you'll never see them coming in time to defend yourself. And if you did, you're as likely to hurt an innocent bystander. Do us all a favor and store you weapon, unloaded, in a locked gun cabinet. 

      1. On the contrary

        Unlike most of the criminals using illegal guns, those persons with concealed carry permits have had to complete sixteen hours of classroom training, which includes safety instruction, and must demonstrate their proficiency on the pistol range. If they cannot achieve a sufficient score at the range, they cannot obtain a license.

        The thugs and the gangbangers are the ones who frequently miss their targets and hit bystanders and passersby.

    3. Greg & Anon,

      Greg & Anon,

      I can not believe that you would try to convince someone to not carry their weapon. Sure Alex may be shot some day by a coward that has an illegal gun but Alex would have a better chance of surviving than either of you. Evanston police have done a pretty good job of dealing with the violence, both before and after the recent gun violence but there is very little they can do without violating someone's constitutuional rights. Speaking of constitional rights, both of you would like to deny Alexander of his rights.

      1. You Must Be

        Oh so you're part of a "well regulated militia"? Cause that's what the second amendment actually says. It's not just the right to bear arms. That crucial part is convientely left out by right wing nuts.

        1. Greg,


          Weird that the courts don't see it your way. Wonder why? Oh I know why! Because being in a militia is not required. "Well regulated miltia" is simply rhe reason WHY all people have a right to bear arms.  Goof try though! A for effort!

          "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

          1. The cruel joke

            The right of individuals not only to own and possess firearms but to carry them on their person have are all rights which have been affirmed by the US Supreme Court and specifically have nothing to do with a militia ..see  Heller 554 U.S. 570 (2008), and McDonald 561 U.S. 742 (2010) , Moore/Shepard vs IL, Aguilar vs IL . If you are going to interpret the law, citing the relevant authority is usually helpful .

            Further…consider the cruel joke here is that if the thug was required to serve out the full three years of his original sentence he wouldn't have been executed. .

    4. Win some…Win some

      Please pull your weapon. If you succeed in being an extra awesome ninja vigilante, another scumbag is off the street. If you get shot, Darwinism wins again. Either way the rest of us are better off. So, once again, please draw down on the bad guys, you real life super hero you.

  2. True to form

    As per usual, a young messed-up thug lives up to (or doesn't) the short-term survival statistics pertaining to youth who join gangs and engage in crime.

    The result? An onslaught of commentary by conceal-and-carry prophets who didn't know him and who had nothing to do with his life, but are still intent on using his demise to portray themselves as even bigger victims. Pathetic.

  3. Coexist

    It never ceases to amaze me how the liberal left begins to call names (“concealed carry nuts” “pathetic”) as soon as anyone voices a differing opinion. So much for all the bumper stickers  preaching “Acceptance” “Diversity” and their ideas to “Coexist”. In reality, we all know how they feel …“We love anyone as long as they fall in line with us”

    1. Stereotype much?

      Alexander: Your stereotyping and lampooning of people opposed to conceal and carry as all being "liberal left" with cosmic car bumperstickers is greatly akin to the namecalling you decry. The same goes for your own side's behavior regarding "We love anyone as long as they fall in line with us," especially as it applies to issues like guns, abortion, gay marriage, the economy, and women's rights.

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