Evanston police this morning say they’re still trying to learn the identity of a man found shot to death on the lakefront Sunday.

Evanston police this morning say they’re still trying to learn the identity of a man found shot to death on the lakefront Sunday.

Commander Tom Guenther says the man, believed to be about 30 years old, carried no identification and police have been unable to determine who he was or how he came to be on the private beach in the 900 block of Edgemere Court.

Police are also awaiting forensic test results to establish the cause of death, although police suspect the death may have been a suicide. The cause of death was still listed as undetermined after an autopsy Monday.

The man was found with a gunshot wound to the head and a revolver was found at the scene.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. self-defense?
    So…this kind of thing isn’t just relegated to Chicago? What?!?

    The bad guys carry handguns freely, even in Evanston. So then why are the good guys not allowed to do the same? I think it’s time to start carrying that tiny little .380 I bought last year. Any local laws that prevent me from enjoying my 2nd Amendment RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN are clearly illegal laws and should be ignored by all law-abiding men & women. I’ll take it a step further: any local politicians who continue to support these laws are essentially engaging in criminal activities. My personal safety is more important.

    I’d rather be tried by twelve than carried by six. I’ll win that battle every time.


    1. Read the story?
      Hi LD,

      I think it’s rather tasteless of you to try to turn what appears to have been a suicide by gun into the occasion for a rant about gun rights.

      Check the New York Times this morning. Seems there’s a high likelihood the issue of whether state and local gun bans are illegal under the Second Amendment will be on the Supreme Court’s docket soon.


      1. Once again: was it truly a suicide?
        I’ll admit that my original post was a bit of a rant, and it looks like this one will be too. Sorry if I offended anyone with it…but is it inappropriate to rant when it comes to an issue as serious as our own personal safety? I feel very strongly about my safety, your safety…so I do get a bit worked up.

        Whether this was a suicide or not, the fact remains: there was a guy with a gun on a private beach in Evanston (not his own). Should I not get worked up over this? What if the owner of that private beach had gone outside to enjoy the night air?

        Thanks for the link; I’ve been following this rather closely. Yes, it will be back with the SCOTUS soon. I’m very excited about this, because once they review it, we’ll finally see that our local gun-bans are indeed illegal. The good people of Chicago and Oak Park will soon have their rights restored.



    2. re: self-defense
      You’re suggesting that you could’ve prevented this tragic suicide by shooting the guy first?

      1. That’s funny!
        I suppose you could’ve prevented this suicide by shooting the guy first…but then it would have been murder.

        I still haven’t seen confirmation as to whether this was a suicide or murder. It sure sounds like a suicide, but we can’t be sure since we weren’t there.

  2. I don’t think it was a suicide
    I knew him well enough to know that he would take his own life. I believe it was a murder. He was a guy that loved to laugh and make others laugh also… we all have problems sometimes that may be hard to bare but knowing him, he wasn’t the type to take the easy way out. He was ready to graduate college soon and why would anyone take their own life away when it just about to begin.

    Good Friend Good Bye.

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