Evanston police say they’re still investigating an incident in the 5th Ward early Tuesday morning in which shots were fired at an officer.

Officers responding to a report of a disturbance near 1823 Hovland Court shortly before 3 a.m. say they found 20 to 30 people standing around watching two people who were arguing with each other.

As police approached, one of the people involved in the dispute ran off, but turned and fired two shots at an officer before escaping on foot.

Late Tuesday evening police say they arrested Carlton Earl Preister, 18 of 1921 Dodge Ave., at 900 Pitner St. in connection with the shooting incident. He now faces a hearing in Skokie district court next Thursday on charges of attempted murder of a police officer.

Update 9:50 a.m. 8/7/08:

Evanston police now say the initial police report regarding the charges filed against Preister was incorrect. They say that he was actually charged with mob action in connection with the disturbance that culminated in the shooting, and that another man has now been charged with firing the shots.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. Does not appear the current gun ordinance works?
    It does not appear the current ordinance is working – it is not keeping guns out of the hands of the criminal element here.

    How did this individual get his hands on a gun?

  2. Golly!
    Golly…..I bet those police were really surprised when shots were fired at them…..in a city where there are no handguns…

    Actually, I was only kidding, but you knew that already. The EPD knows that they’ve got one of the toughest jobs in the world: to keep the peace in a city where they, the police themselves, are expected to carry the entire load. We, the people, need to help them carry the load:

    1) apply for a FOID card
    2) wait for the Illinois State Police to conduct their background check (usually takes about 30 days)
    3) receive your FOID card – you’ve been approved!
    4) buy a gun and learn how to be a responsible gun-owner
    5) continue ignoring any/all local laws that directly oppose the Bill of Rights

    Be a responsible adult by helping the police keep the peace…..they’ll never do it effectively on their own. It’s our responsibility. This is one of the original intents of the 2nd amendment.


    1. Is this revisionism?
      “Be a responsible adult by helping the police keep the peace…..they’ll never do it effectively on their own. It’s our responsibility. This is one of the original intents of the 2nd amendment.”

      LDE — If I understand what it is that you are suggesting, I am pretty sure that the Supreme Court decision did not sanction anyone being able to obtain and own a handgun in order to help the Police effectively do their job. I have not yet found an interpretation of the 2nd Amendment that has indicated that aiding sworn law enforcement officers with your own personal weapon was considered within the realm of the Bill of Rights. And in the reading of the Federalist Papers, i do not remember that being one of the arguments for a federalist type of a national government.

      What is it that you are using to base your promotion of a possee comitatus or vigilantee approach to local law enforcement? Have you talked about your interests with the Chief of Police?

      If you pursue your own suggestions, would you please give us fair warning before you go out on patrol?

      1. Spit-take! :^)
        Hah! yeah…I just sprayed coffee onto my desk after seeing your ‘patrol’ comment. It’s nothing at all like that. There will be no patrols. A sane & reasonable man never goes looking for trouble, but is prepared for it when it arrives at his doorstep. When people are enabled to defend themselves with like firepower, the security of the neighborhood is augmented, even if the opportunity (to fire that gun) never arises.

        If you were a criminal and were motivated to commit a crime, would you commit that crime in a neighborhood where there is legal & saturated gun ownership, or a “gun-free zone” neighborhood?

        One might argue that the police are assisted each & every time an armed citizen uses his/her gun in self-defense or defense of another citizen – http://www.guncite.com/gun_control_gcdguse.html (happens every day).

        NOT a vigilante,


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