Inspectors from Evanston’s Health and Human Services Department were out today posting door hanger notices at properties where sidewalks still haven’t ben shoveled after last weekend’s blizzard.

And, Assistant Health Director Carl Caneva says, staff from the Economic Development Division and the Community Development Department were doing the same with businesses.

In all, Caneva says, 195 properties got the notices describing the requirement to shovel snow within 24 hours and clearing a 36-inch wide path.

Caneva says properties that got the hang tags today will be revisited tomorrow and violation notices will be issued if the snow hasn’t been cleared.

Then on Thursday, he says, they’ll check again to issue tickets and direct a private contractor to clear the snow. Properties requiring contracted clearance will be issued liens and ticketed for noncompliance.

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. scofflaws

    Are they issuing tickets to the city, too? The condition of the Chicago Avenue sidewalk in front of the Main Street CTA stop and parking lots on Main Street is reprehensible. 

  2. Did the city hang a notice on the front door of City Hall?

    As of 5:40 last night, the City had failed to shovel or snow blow the sidewalk in front of a small property with a big City of Evanston sign (I believe that it is called a park and is named for a woman) at the corner of Washington and Custer. The property is just south of the Main Street Metra stop so many people use (or this week, want to use) that sidewalk. 

    1. Snow Shovel- PARKS

      I have 5 or 6 parks within walking distance. Most have not been shoveled. They didn't shovel them when we had those 3 inch snow falls. Once they drove the tractor across the parkway and left. I think its Eiden Park at Washington and Custer Eiden Park was redone about 5 or 6 years ago and has had poor maintenance ever since.

      1. CTA or City ?
        I’m sure they will blame each other but areas around CTA and CTA viaducts are still bad. E.g. SE corner of Lincoln and Ridge from street to where first house is. Both the CTA and City fall far short of what they expect for everyone else. Maybe fine the Council—they like to claim they have control of everything.
        The County should get rid of this false separation of Streets, Parks and Water District. They all use it to shift blame. I’ve called 311 several times about fallen trees on the golf course but branches outside of fence—311 says they will have to route it to see who is responsible—that can take months. I called about graffiti on pavilions in parks but am told they can’t even report it until someone from the park district contacts them ! Passing the buck !

    2. Jennifer Morris Park –still waiting

      At Washington and Custer sits a park called Jennifer Morris Park. I would call it a pocket park at best. But the sign clearly reads "City of Evanston."

      Someone cleared the snow at the short north end of the park at the crosswalk.  But as of 5:30 last night, the entire west side sidewalk has snow packed down from people walking on it — no shoveling done.

      With the City handing out reminders and tickets to others, its employees are apparently too busy to clear snow from a sidewalk adjacent to its park, just south of a Metra station  and a block from a CTA station.  When a city fails on clearing snow from the sidewalks adjacent to its parks and close to its public transit stations, it is failing in one of its most basic functions.

  3. This is great news– it’s about time
    For years a number of Evanstonians have proven themselves to be inconsiderate, bad neighbors by completely failing to shovel snow or doing an inadequate job of it. Many of the worst offenders have been those living in some of the priciest homes in the city. And for years nothing was done about it. I am glad to see the city addressing the situation and hope that it results in better compliance in the future

    1. Why shovel?

      Why should the taxpayers that have already paid the city to shovel pay additional money. When the city takes the money and doesn't shovel sidewalks that the residents have paid them in tax dollars to maintain

    2. City should set example

      I understand the need to shovel and shovel mine. If the City is going to enforce the laws they create then they need to follow them. I previously commented here about the parks not being shoveled and other have commented on other city properties not shoveled. Are the bars on Howard Street shoveled? City employees handle? Seems the old saying, "Do as I say, not as I do," applies here. Look at the problems in the city south of Evanston and the comments its residents have made. For similar reasons. Council members and leadership seem to be Blah Blah Blah but reelect me anyway. Time for change, folks.

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