District 202 Board President Pat Savage-Williams announced this morning that Regional School Superintendent Bruce Brown has named Anne Sills to fill the remainder of Bill Geiger’s term on the Evanston Township High School board.

The board had deadlocked on selecting a replacement for Geiger after he announced his resignation shortly after the April school board election in which Sills finished fourth in the race for three board seats.

Three board members favored Sills, while the other three opposed her and favored interviewing the 14 candidates who had applied to fill Geiger’s seat.

Under state law, that deadlock left it up to the regional superintendent to make the selection.

Sills will serve until the next board election in 2017 and will have the option to run for a full term of her own then.

Savage-Williams thanked the other candidates who applied for the board position, adding, “We are extremely fortunate to have so many community members with such strong interests and depth of talents who are willing to serve our district in this capacity.”

Bill Smith is the editor and publisher of Evanston Now.

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  1. There is only one response

    There is only one response left to citizens of Evanston who are stunned that game playing, back room politics and poor leadership actually resulted in the rubber stamping of Anne Sills by the regional superintendent.  Attend and monitor board meetings.  Ask the questions and persist in your determination for answers about data and outcomes the superintendent does not want to acknowledge or address. Seek out independent teachers and other staff on the front lines and outside the approved public relations machine to make sure you have a good understanding of the impact on teaching and learning of decision making at ETHS.  Prepare for the next board election and advocate for a change in administration at ETHS.  There is only one reason Pat Savage Williams, Mark Metz and Monique Parsons were determined to send this decision to the regional superintendent when they couldn't bully support from independent members of the board and most of the community.  They were promised the outcome they got.  


    1. Really, really pathetic

      Who did he interview?  This is really, really, pathetic.

      Based on public information, there's really no way to explain this appointment other than to believe it was tainted from the start.  Mark Metz, Pat Savage-Williams and Monique Parsons all pressed for Anne Sills without considering any other candidates, even though they are smart enough to understand that Anne's status as a loser in the last election should not have any bearing on the regional supervisior's appointment.  I can only fathom that they knew something that the public did not.  On paper, Anne was easily one of the least qualified candidates who applied for the appointment.  

      1. Time to move on
        I trust that the state regional superintendent of schools made a reasoned decision and appointed a qualified candidate. There is nothing to suggest otherwise.

  2. Can’t We Just All Get Along

    @ Leslie Wenzel

    The process dictated by board policy has taken place. Ann Sills has been appointed by the regional superintendent. Maybe he knew what many people who closely follow educational issues in this community know and that is Ann Sills has been around a very long time advocated for students in Evanston. I agree with you that more people should regularly attend D65 and D202 school board meetings and they should actively engage in the discussions affecting our students’ education. However, your negative comments and “conspiracy” theories are unproductive. Adding D202’s superintendent, administrators and other board members to your angry rant is just childish. The school board now needs to come together and refocus their attention to taking care of school business while voters prepare to exercise their rights at future school board elections.  

    In the meantime, congratulations to Ann Sills. You will do a great job.

    1. I apologize if my comment

      I apologize if my comment implied conspiracy or an attack on specific persons.  That is not at all what I meant.  I agree that it is time to move forward and I sincerely believe that the work people are doing at ETHS has been and continues to be in the best interest of children.  My disappointment is as a citizen and tax payer and a strong wish to see more involvement by the community in schooling and government.  I continue to believe that the young people this community nurtures and sends out into the world are inspiring and full of promise. Parents, educators and community members can be proud of that.  Politics is a complicated and difficult business indeed, and it gets in the way of good decision making and clouds people's judgement, mine and others.  You're absolutely correct, congrats to Ms.Sills and on with the work.  

  3. Overlooking the facts

    Once again proving that if you spend a lot of money promoting yourself, people will think you're the most qualified and overlook the facts,  shameful. 

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