Sinkhole closes Asbury


Evanston police report a hole opened up in the pavement of Asbury Avenue between Main and Lee streets Thursday evening that’s required closure of that stretch of the road.

No word yet on what caused the problem or when Asbury will be reopened to traffic. 

Update 2:50 p.m.: Public Works Director Dave Stoneback says crews placed a steel plate over the hole and were able to re-open the street overnight.

He says an inspection today didn’t turn up any obvious cause for the failure of the road, but that the void under the street may have been created last year when a water service nearby was repaired.

He says crews will remove the undermined asphalt and add flowable fill to the area. Then a new concrete street base will be poured, and after that cures a new asphalt road surface will be added.

Stoneback says the street will remain open during the repair work using flagmen and a steel plate will be placed over the work area each night to allow regular traffic.

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